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Monday 6 September 2010

Ok so strictly speaking, it's not 100% the NYC BOS (book of shadows). I used my Alice in Wonderland Palette too - for "white rabbit" eyeshadow and the two 24/7 pencils - zero and flipside. I actually started off without the Urban Decay (UD) primer potion this time cos i wanted to see just how vibrant the colour was..and I didn't intend to blog about it!

Here's what I used:
> UD NYC: radium (blue) & haight (teal-blue) eyeshadows
> UD Alice in Wonderland: white rabbit eyeshadow (off-white with glitter sparkle) and
> 24/7 eyeliners: zero & flipside (teal)
> UD Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner in "spandex" (multicoloured/ rainbow-blue)
> Dior Extase mascara
> MAC NC35 concealer
> Clinique "sunset glow" blush
> Sleek "raspberry souffle" pout polish

eyeshadow colours up close
I started off by slapping on radium to the full eyelid with the MO shading brush, followed by haight to the socket, and out towards the eyebrow, stopping just before the brow, so that white rabbit could be blended down. I used the MO blending brush to do so, making sure the two colours blended as well as possible, adding more white rabbit if haight took over; I had enough dark radium on the eye, so I only wanted haight to show in the socket mainly. I then blended haight and radium, sweeping the colour outwards towards the tip of my eyebrow, making it a little winged, but not too much/dark.

I then used UD 24/7 flipside eyeliner on the lower eyelid, making it as thick as possible, so that the zero could be added on the inner waterline of the bottom eyelid too. Again, zero was used on the top eyelid, along with UD spandex glitter eyeliner - my favourite combo, even on their own! The glitter really looks great on top of the black eyeliner, and to finish off the eyes I used Dior Extase mascara.. two coats for extra dramatic lashes to stand out against the vibrant eyeshadow.

I used the same concealer, and also the same blusher and lipgloss cos again I thought it suited the look best - bright colours!

I loveddd the colours, and even without primer potion, the colours stood out, looking gorgeous, especially radium! I think it may be a new favourite :D



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