Food For Thought Friday: Healthy Eating in Ramadan

Friday 3 May 2019

So as you guys may or may not know, I graduated in BSc Human Nutrition almost a decade ago and even though I talk more about beauty, I do feel super passionate about health still too.. and the fact there's a lot more misinformation around now with social media and no real verification of influencers giving dietary advice.

Despite the fact I did graduate in Nutrition, I'm not a registered nutritionist nor have I practiced; which is why I don't openly give advice as I take giving health advice very seriously as it could impact someone's life massively!

It really does concern me that many influencers think it's ok to give unqualified dietary/health advice especially as everyone wants a quick fix and will follow someone on social media thinking it will work for them too, but it's not that simple as each of our bodies are different and therefore we should be careful copying diets and advice, particularly if it tells you to cut out whole food groups/products (unless of course you are intolerant or have specific health issues).

Anyway I wanted to introduce a "Food For Thought Friday" post this week in prep for Ramadan as many of us particularly in South Asian culture tend to go overboard with food in compensation for the fasting hours, so I've asked a registered Nutritionist friend to guest post for us today sharing her advice and tips which I hope will be of value!
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