MAC gives you skin white as snow; lips red as blood...

Saturday 25 September 2010

After reading more and more about this MAC Disney Venomous Villains collection, I've been craving for it more and more! It's being released this September in the US and apparently in the UK in October. If this is the case, I'm anticipating major queues down at Selfridges and Westfield and any other stores in London.. which is a bummer for me, seeing as I'll probably be stuck in those queues!

I think MAC must've seen how popular the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette hit off and decided to go that step further and bigger; go with Disney, and being MAC and quirky, they chose the villains! Defo well thought out I'd say, it's already a hit in the US and I anticipate it to be just as big here!

Can't wait to feed my Disney obsession, soon I will be the fairest of them alll! Or not :/



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