Pink eyeshadow look

Wednesday 15 September 2010

For this look I used pinks from Urban Decays two books of shadows - Vol II & Alice in Wonderland, and for the crease - Models Own (MO) "hot pink". The pink shadow "curiouser" from the Alice in Wonderland palette is actually in the original book of shadows also as "grifter" which is the actual name of the shadow (but renamed for the Alice in Wonderland limited edition).

Here's a full list of what was used (looks like a lot!!):

(click for close up)
> UD primer potion
> UD Vol II - "sphynx" eyeshadow
> UD Alice in Wonderland - "curiouser" (grifter) eyeshadow
> MO "hot pink" eyeshadow
> MO black kohl eyeliner
> Maybelline black line definer
> UD Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner in "catfight"
> Diorshow mascara
> UD Surreal Skin concealer in "hallucination"
> myface.cosmetics concealer in 213
> Clinique "sunset glow" blush
> UD Lip Envy in "envious"
> Sleek "pink cadillac" pout polish

After putting primer potion all over the eye, I applied UD sphynx to the eyelid with the MO shading eyeshadow brush, followed by UD grifter to the outer eyelid, from the crease and above, right til the eyebrow, blending outwards to make a winged effect where the eyebrow ends. You can use a plaster or tape from the outer eye corner to the end of the eyebrow to make a winged effect if it's too hard with a brush; it just has to be blended a little so the line is not so harsh.
Using the MO blending brush, I applied MO hot pink to the crease, blending out and in a little, making sure all colours are blended in well enough, with no obvious colour lines. 

I added a bit of grifter to the bottom lash line, and put the glitter eyeliner "catfight" on top of the shadow (on the bottom eyelid). I used the MO kohl eyeliner this time to see if it was any better than the first time I used it, and it happened to work great, a thick black colour, which worked beautifully when warmed up on the skin. The top and bottom lid was lined, using the Maybelline line definer to fill in any gaps and for a stronger black line on the top lid.

The underside view of catfight
For a concealer, I decided to try mixing the two concealers I bought recently (UD hallucination & myface.cosmetics 213)... It looked ok, but as I said before, nothing comes close to the Clinique Line Smoothing concealer.. in fact these ones actually crease :(
As for the blusher, I used the Clinique sunset glow as usual on the apple of my cheeks (making the fish face for direction!), and used the UD lip stain "envious" under Sleek's pink cadillac pout polish.
The end product looked something like this:



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