Midweek Makeovers

Wednesday 23 October 2013

It's that time of the week again, where I show off my beautiful clients! This weeks Midweek Makeover post features none other than my fellow blogger and friend Numera of Hommes De Femmes!

Numera is naturally gorgeous and barely wears any makeup whenever we meet up as she clearly doesn't need it! Again, for someone who doesn't wear much makeup, she didn't want to go OTT with her makeup, but of course to have enough to make it bridal.

The first day was her traditional red outfit day and the second day featured a toned down beige with hints of bright/electric blue.

Day 1
Red outfit with light gold thread and beadwork and a blue border; eye makeup complimented the outfit's gold and red theme and of course red lips however we skipped the blue bottom liner as she didn't want too much colour:

natural lighting
having fun getting ready with tablecloths wrapped around us!
Day 2
Beige-gold with pop of electric blue and antique gold detailing; we went for a smokey antique gold look with a pop of electric blue on the waterline which I LOVED! For the lips we decided to go for a pink-nude on the lips to contrast the first day's look: 

(with flash and natural light)
Of course it was a total pleasure to do Numera's makeup on both days, she looked stunning on both days! 
My favourite look had to be Day 2's look with the antique gold smokey eyes and electric blue liner as I adore looks with bright colours! Day 1's look did have more contouring and looked lovely with the gold and red but I would have added the blue bottom liner too if I could ;)

Which is your favourite look?


Midweek Makeovers

Thursday 17 October 2013

This weeks Midweek Makeover post features one of my friends who got married this year in August and had a traditional Indian Hindu wedding.

The day was full on, starting from around 8am and she had her reception in the evening around 8pm which went on for longer.. who said weddings weren't tiring?!

Anyway, my friend (Bride V) has never been a fan of too much makeup and doesn't like to wear foundation, the most she would normally wear is a mineral foundation (not that she needs more!) so I had to make her feel like she wasn't wearing a ton of makeup and make it still look like her.
For her morning/day look she wore the traditional red outfit which was broken up with cream and hints of green.
I opted for a neutral gold look with a hint of red on the eyelid and a dark brown/black in the crease, with a pop of green on the lower lashline.
Before and after in natural light:

Her reception was in the evening and we altered the look to match her second outfit which was a fuchsia pink with coral and of course some gold:
I didn't get to take as many pictures for the reception as it was a bit rushed from a slight delay and having to start from scratch with both the hair and makeup but I loved both looks and think she looked stunning the whole day. If I had to choose, my favourite look from the two had to be the traditional Indian red look as the red lipstick suited her so nicely!

Which look do you prefer?


Sunday Swatches: Lila'lli

Sunday 13 October 2013

I recently received a package from Lila'lli and managed to have a play around finally after the wedding boom quietened down a little! 

I loved the Lip Collisions as soon as I saw them; any multitasking product is always a win in my books, saves time and not to mention space in a MUA's kit! 
The Lip Collisions by Lila'lli have a top end with the highly pigmented lipstick and the matching lipgloss at the bottom; 2 in 1!

I received Lip Collisions in Eva-Marie, Sophia, Carrie and Marilyn:

L-R: Eva-Marie, Sophia, Carrie, Marilyn
Swatched in natural light and with flash:
I then went through the laborious effort of swatching each lippy (and their corresponding gloss) on my actual lips to give a better idea of what they look like on my skintone:
Blue-toned pink
Softer fuchsia pink
Deep plum/berry
Bright red
Colour & Pigmentation: Pigmentation is surprisingly high quality, they only need to be swiped on once to get a good colour, or more for extra pigmentation, but to be honest it was so pigmented when on the lips that I actually press excess off on a tissue. Sophia and Eva-Marie look very similar but Eva-Marie is definitely more blue toned.
Texture: The lipsticks go on fairly thickly, meaning that pigmentation is great and I liked that they're not very dry so no uncomfortable feeling. Of course with the gloss there's extra moisture and they're not sticky!
Longevity: With the lipsticks, I blotted and reapplied to make them more matte/long lasting and I'd say they last at least 3 hours without eating or drinking. Adding gloss would probably make it last less longer!
Scent: No particularly strong scent.
Price: At £15 each they are pretty great value for money considering you're getting 2 in 1!

FrootiFactor: I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of Lila'lli products and certainly like the Lip Collisions as they were pigmented, lasted fairly long and have 2 great products in 1. I would give these Lip Collisions a 4.5-5 out of 5:

Lilla'lli products are available from their website and the Lip Collisions are available in 12 shades that I'm intrigued to try and maybe add to my kit! 

They're currently on promotion too at £13 each instead of £15 (here), which is great, so I'd suggest you try them yourself at this great price!

Have you tried Lilla'lli products? Which shades are your favourite from these swatches?


Midweek Makovers

Thursday 10 October 2013

I've realised that I have a backlog of clients makeover pictures that I have yet to upload and I'll be starting to upload them hopefully every Wednesday so I can keep up to date!

This weeks Midweek Makeover features one of my recent brides - Bride A - who had two wedding days - the traditional wedding day (red outfit) and the Walima or second day of the wedding wear the bride wears a different colour of her or the grooms choice.

Day 1
Red outfit with gold thread and beadwork and a thin blue border; eye makeup complimented the outfit's gold and blue theme and of course red lips:
Trying to capture the sparkle of the glitter eyeshadow used
capturing the side profile whilst my cousin sets the dupatta/veil
full face picture with more of the outfit detail
Day 2
Pink and purple outfit, again with gold detailing, but more of an antique gold this time. We tried a more cotton candy pink on the lips first but decided on a brighter pink in the end:
trying to capture the glitter again!
side profile with the first pink on the lips
final look with full face makeup and outfit
Bride A was a total pleasure to do! I loved doing both days' makeup but my favourite if I had to choose would probably be the second day's look.. I'm a girly girl and my favourite colours have always been pink and purple!

Which look do you prefer?


Tuesday Takeover: SamRam

Tuesday 8 October 2013

It's been a while since a Tuesday Takeover and as I've been away on holiday and busy with clients I figured I'd feature a fellow beauty blogger again to help me with my blogging load!
This weeks post features the new nail varnishes from Illamasqua's Creators collection by Sam of Sam's Beauty blog.

Illamasqua Creators Nail Varnishes

Hey guys!

Today I am guest posting on Frootibeauty's blog (thanks in advance Frooty!). She was sent two Illamasqua nail polishes from the new Creators line and asked me if I wanted to do the guest post – of course I said yes!

Illamasqua has released a new limited edition collection with four guest creators. This new collection is a unique social collaboration to celebrate 5 years of Illamasqua. Illamasqua joined forces with StyleSuzi, Vex in the  City, Pearls & Poodles and Munroe Bergdorf to create two lipglosses and nail polishes which take inspiration from the 4 corners of the online galaxy. The guest creators had an integral part to play in the production development. StyleSuzi and Vex in the City were the guest creators for the two nail polishes.


First, StyleSuzi guest created the nail polish called Perseid. Suzi said she was inspired by the explosion of colours in the galaxy and she wanted to evoke the mysterious nature of the sky at night. She decided to use different sized glitters to create a texture as unique as a star.

Perseid is definitely a combination of a few glittery colours. I can see more purple but then a two-toned teal creeps in too, so it absolutely is a unique colour that reminds me of the night sky. I love the chunks of glitter and then the tiny glitters combined. The texture is amazing and literally one coat is enough. This does take a bit longer to dry, bearing in mind it’s a thicker consistency so it’s understandable. I love the different types and colours of the glitter. This definitely is a WOW nail polish.


Vex in the City created the nail polish called Fusion. Yinka said she wanted to create a shade which reflected her vision of the galaxy. She wanted something dark, intense and mysterious with the magic of the stars shining through.

Fusion is a bronze and khaki colour combined. It’s very metallic and I really wish I had an eyeshadow in this colour. It has small glitter pieces compared to Perseid. Again, you literally only need to apply one coat. I think out of habit we tend to apply two but it makes no difference, one coat is good enough. This nail polish dried really fast too and it looks so gorgeous! 

Out of the two, I think I’m in love with Perseid! And super wow to Illamasqua nail polish quality. Never tried their polishes before but will look into buying some soon!
The polishes are limited edition and priced at the same price as the usual Illamasqua nail varnishes (£14.50) and can be bought here on the Illamasqua website.

Which is you fave out of the two?


Sam Ram 

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