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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Summer is usually a boring time for me re: fragrances. Summer fragrances are lighter than the original fragrances, and although cheaper, they don't really do it for me.
Now its Autumn though, the good stuff is many fragrance launches, Givenchy Play for women that looks like an mp3 player (in purple and pink of course):
Calvin Klein Beauty, and the one I'm particularly excited about: Paco Rabanne Lady Million:

Now, working in the beauty department of a well known department store has its perks..I smelled this fragrance weeks before it came out and the tester remained dangerously in the drawer.

I'll be honest, its not my usual cup of fragrance, I usually prefer sweet/vanilla based perfumes (Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb, Vera Wang Princess etc.), but I do love the men's 1 Million fragrance, the design and smell is suave enough to put P.Diddy to shame.
Naturally, I fell in love with the womens fragrance, and again, Paco Rabanne create a bottle shape that represent money, one that appeals to women of course - a diamond (the mens 1 Million is a bar of gold design). 
The smell is floral and woody, with notes of bitter orange, raspberry, neroli, jasmine, gardenia, patchouli, and amber... defo not my usual smell! And just like the male counterpart, too much of this fragrance will give you a headache! 


Now for my beauty excitement... Urban Decay have launched their Book of Shadows - NYC. I'm sooooooper excited about this one, its got a lot of colours I dont already have (and I already have all the previous book of shadows!)

This one apparently lights friend wasn't too phased by this but I certainly am! This one has gorgeous blues and purples in it, which I dont have much of, plus a few others I don't already have! Hopefully I'll be buying this saturday, or latest tuesday, so I can blog by thursday at least! But that's depending on how fast delivery is :S



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