PPP - Pout Polish Post

Friday 25 March 2011

Seeing as I am a Pout Polish collector, I decided to add another colour to my collection, the new LE Sugar May. It's a peachy-beige colour and very creamy like all the others (minus Scandal, which is less creamier in consistency). Unfortunately it's not as sweet as the newer Pout Polishes (you'll know what I mean if you own Scandal, or the browns), but nevertheless, a lovely summery colour!
with flash it looks a lot more peachier/bright, but its a very light peach, so here's the pout polishes without flash:
L-R, top row: Perfect Plum, Pink Cadillac, Sugar May, Chocolate Kiss, 
bottom row: Raspberry Souffle, Powder Pink, Electro Peach, Scandal
And with flash:
The pictures with flash do however resemble the actual colours more than the individual shot of Sugar May taken above, as you can see its lighter! Must be my camera concentrating the colour when I zoom in or something :S

Anyway, here are the individual shots for the PP with their paper swatch next to them:
Perfect Plum: 
Pink Cadillac:
Sugar May:
Chocolate Kiss:
Raspberry Souffle:
Powder Pink:
Electro Peach:
I do love all my pout polishes, including Sugar May which doesn't actually suit my lips!

Do you have any Pout Polishes? And if so, which are your favourite?


Vitality Show Haul

Thursday 24 March 2011

Ok, so strictly speaking I didn't actually get much of a "haul" and it's not even all makeup, but payday's tomorrow and I bought a bit of food so it doesn't look like much lol!
I went with my friend from uni and we were attracted to a nail art stand at the front, which I'd seen on OMG! polish 'em!'s blog, but didn't know how it worked. 
You basically get a metal stencil, that you paint over with the colour of your choice (black in our case) then scrape off the excess, press a sponge applicator thingy onto the still wet stencil and press onto your nail. You add a clear topcoat and voila! design on the nail. The demonstrator showed us that we can add crystals too, I chose a purple one to go with my Rimmel Pro "Pop Rose" pink nails; my mate chose clear/crystal.
And both of our nails:

I stopped by the Witch Skincare stand and bought the Skin Clearing Primer for £5 (usually £6.99 in Boots) which allowed me to pick another Witch skincare product for free!
After discussing about my experience with witch hazel products in secondary school (how it felt drying and my skin is already dry!), I tried the product and it felt comfortable. I was told I can even wear it without foundation on top (which is great cos I only really wear concealer on a day to day basis). 
I chose the Natural concealer as my free item, as it suited my skin tone quite ok, despite being the only shade of concealer, which in itself amazed me as I find it hard to find concealers for my yellow tone.
The product doesn't strongly smell of witch hazel which is great, so I look forward to using them soon!
The Sally Hansen Miracle Cure was free with the Top Sante magazine I bought, I did however pass by the Sally Hansen stand who were doing manicures for £5! Yesterday I bought the Sally Hansen Insta Dry topcoat (which I used today on top of the pink), which is pretty amazing. Usually I would have got my nails smudged and they'd end up looking awful, but the Insta Dry really does help it dry faster.

My final purchase (aside from all the food), was from a stand that had a lot of asian-style jewellery sets; chunky crystal necklaces and matching earrings; in short, the type I've seen in Green Street. I've bought a set or two from Green Street and they're usually £20-40, (£20 if you've haggled well), so I was impressed to see the sets being sold for £10. The one that caught my eye however was cheekily sold as a necklace and earrings separately for £5, but I really loved the sparkle and design, so I bought both for £15.. which isn't too bad!
They'll come in handy for weddings ;)

So, that's my Vitality show post, I did manage to pick up some of my favourite drinks of late: Neuro drinks, my most favourite flavour is the NeuroTrim which tastes of lychees mmm! Their newest drink NeuroSun has a coconutty flavour which I'm still to discern whether I like it or not..

I bought two Neuro Trims, one Sun, one Sonic and one Bliss.. can't wait for the rest of the range to reach the UK!


Arabic Palette Look - Pink & Purple Bridal look

Sunday 20 March 2011

Sorry I've not been posting much this week, exciting and busy times, I should hopefully be entering a new job with a brand I love and the great thing is I get to practice my makeup and sell for them! =)
Can't say what brand, but it'll probably be obvious in time if not already ;)

For this look, I have chosen to do a makeup look using my most favourite colours; pink and purple!
When I got married last year, I wore this dupatta (scarf) that came with the dress I wore, it has silver, dark pink, magenta and bronze-yellow threading & beads/crystals. My original wedding makeup included the bronze-yellow in my eyeshadow (click here for my wedding makeup), but for this look I thought I'd pick out the silver work in the scarf.

I used the Arabic Palette and Manly for the white on the brow bone and the rest as follows:

> Bare Minerals makeup - Warm Beige foundation & Summer Bisque concealer
> Arabic Palette - silver white, pink, two-tone pink purple (UD Fishnet Dupe) & purple
> Manly palette - matte white for blending down brow bone, gold for highlighting cheeks
> Sleek Ink Pot gel liner
> UD 24/7 eyeliner in Zero & Asphyxia for bottom liner
> MAC rapidblack penultimate eyeliner (to get an even more intense black topliner)
> Eylure Girls Aloud false lashes in Kimberley
> Khuraira AC concealer in Light
> MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC35
> Sleek blush in Pomegranate
> Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Sweetie (click here for my post on it)

And here's what it looked like:


I hope you liked the look, I used pretty much the same products as the last bridal looks for complexion, and decided that the pink-purple toned Rimmel lipstick would go best with this.. 
As for eyelashes, these ones are the Eylure Girls aloud "Kimberley" ones, more natural than the ones I used in the last bridal look (Nadine's), I could actually look up with these! So for those of you wondering about the girls aloud eyelashes, if you have small eyes like me, Kimberley's are perfectly fine =)
Let me know if you have any requests, or any looks you'd like to see, I'm gonna be a bit busy the next few weeks, what with my anniversary next weekend, starting a new job and babysitting, but I'll fit in a post whenever possible!

Hope you had a lovely weekend, my gorgeous followers!


Smelly Post

Friday 11 March 2011

And not in a bad way! Thought I'd do a post about my fragrance collection, as everyone has different tastes in perfume/fragrances, but if you have a similar taste to me in one or more of the fragrances I have, then maybe you can discover other fragrances you may like (cos there's a LOT out there!)

So here's my collection, I did have Dior Addict, Hypnotic Poison & Burberry Brit but I seem to have lost them, I think they're still at my mums!
Left to right:
Top: Victoria's Secret- Love Rocks, Viktor & Rolf- Flowerbomb, Jimmy Choo, Katy Perry- Purr
Middle: Christina Aguilera- By Night, Paco Rabanne- Lady Million, Vera Wang- Princess, Givenchy Ange Ou Demon
Bottom: Paco Rabanne- Black XS, Britney Spears- Midnight Fantasy

Most of my perfume is sweet/vanilla based, coz that's what I love most! The odd one or two are either fruity or musk/spicy like Paco Rabanne Black XS , or Lady Million. I've only got Jimmy Choo this week and it reminds me a lot of Flowerbomb (my number one!), especially the bottle, but the fragrance defo is more spicy.

For those of you with men in your lives or looking for nice smelling male fragrances as gifts, I'd recommend these:
L-R; Top: Dior Homme Intense, Joop Homme, Jean Paul Gaultier- Le Male, Jean Paul Gaultier- Gaultier 2
Bottom: Boss Orange, Paco Rabanne- 1 Million, Diesel- Only The Brave, D&G- The One Gentleman.

Some of them are slightly sweet/warm smelling, Dior Homme Intense reminds me of sugared almonds!

Which of these do you own, if any? And do you have any recommendations for me?!

Have a lovely weekend =)


MAC Wonder Woman Haul

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Yesterday I got my MAC Wonder Woman delivery, yay!
I only ordered the lipstick in Spitfire and the blush in Mighty Aphrodite as afore mentioned, so here's the pics!
The first swatch on the back of my hand is without flash and the second with.
This blusher duo is lovely, peachy with pink, and tiny flecks of gold in the peach section. As you can see from the finger swatch, the peach side is soft and very pigmented, coming off easily, somewhat powdery even! The pink side however, does not come off so easily and looks quite sheer in comparison to the peach. Both look gorgeous though, I'm particularly fond of the peach with gold flecks.

The first swatch again is without flash and the second with. Spitfire is a gorgeous satin purple-pink, it reminds me a bit of the LE Sleek Raspberry Souffle pout polish that I absolutely love. 
Here's a simple eyeliner look I did using Mighty Aphrodite blush & Spitfire Satin lipstick; excuse my skin, I've been ill and also came out with a rash the other day :S
Without flash:
With flash:

Hope this was helpful to those of you interested in buying any MAC WW collection, I'm defo happy with my purchases and I'm glad I managed to check out the products at Selfridges before hand cos I probably would have bought the eyeshadows and been quite disappointed!
Overall though, I do like the packaging, I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about the packaging, but to be honest it's like Marmite, you either love it or hate it! But I'm a DC Comics fan so I'd defo buy it if it was to do with makeup!


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