Totally Guilty!

Sunday 19 September 2010

I have to say, I'm either getting older and my tastes are changing, or I'm a total consumerist and am falling for the advertising gimmicks. I'd rather admit to the former although I'm sure the latter is more close to the truth! *blush*

So Gucci Guilty was released in store, and although the sensual poster of a good looking man and woman were plastered all near the fragrance, I only realised after seeing the video advert who on earth the couple were! None other than the ultra sexy Chris Evans; NO not Billie Pipers ex! God forbid he ever were in the ad, that's a whole other picture!! It was indeed the Fantastic Four's mister "flame on!" and boy does he turn the heat up in this ad!


It reminds me of the film Sin City, black and white video, with coloured hair/accessories, and I have to say I'm a big fan of that style, whether art, pictures, or video.
This ad totally made me change my view of the perfume. Originally, when I had smelled it in store, I wasn't too phased by it. The packaging reminded me of the Batman logo as you can probably see below:


But on being at work yesterday, Gucci Guilty was at the front of the store and I looked at the product in a new light.. possibly swayed by the giant poster of Chris Evans, which I found in the sample I got:

After smelling it all day, I began to like it more and more.. not only that, the bottle is pretty (and would sit nicely next to my diamond-gold Paco Rabanne) ;)
But I'll be waiting a while before I buy this.. I have too many fragrances already!


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