Saturday Skincare: Toning Pads

Saturday 17 September 2016

Following the last skincare post about Cleansers, it only makes sense that this post should be about Toners. This week's Saturday Skincare post is by yours truly and is about a fairly new type of product: toner pads.
Read on for a little intro to toners and what I've learned about them over the years!

FF: Easy Glittery Moondust Palette Make Up Look + Eye Make Up Tutorial | Eid

Friday 9 September 2016

It's been quite a while since I've done a make up look on myself but I'm indeed back and with another YouTube video too *gasps*.

If you've kept up with me on my social media channels (Snapchat/Instagram), you would have probably seen me post about this beaut of a palette I received from Urban Decay: the Moondust palette. I was obsessed with the colour "Lithium" in this palette when I first swatched it and knew straight away I had to create a look with it (see "Magnetic" being used in the make over I did here).
As Eid is coming up, I thought it would be fitting to do a simple glittery make up look and one that doesn't require eyeliner so that it's super simple.

I thought I would make also make use of my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette as it's sooo versatile and of course is currently sold out, so I'm assuming a lot of people have this as a staple palette too now!
(If you don't, see me rave about it in this post). Read on to see all the products used!

Sunday Swatches: Top 3 Mascaras

Sunday 4 September 2016

Hi my lovelies!

So this week's Sunday Swatches post (as the title suggests) is about my top 3 mascaras.
I find that mascaras are a very personal thing; therefore it's only right I explain the type of lashes I have and what I also look for in a mascara!

My lashes
I'd say they're of medium health, medium length, medium curl and medium volume all round!
I've worked on clients who have very short and long length lashes, very curly and very straight, and very thick and some with barely any lashes (usually due to over use of lashes/extensions).
So all in all I feel like my lashes are OK, but obviously mascara helps boost them a hell of a lot more.

What I look for
I tend to look for more volumising mascaras so that it gives a false lash effect; if a mascara gives volume AND extra length however, it most likely will become a firm favourite for me.

My favourite mascaras have obviously changed over the years, but currently these stand as my top three and I'll explain further in the rest of the post!

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