Models Own...Haul 2!

Friday 3 September 2010

So after my first order of the untried "Models Own" brand, I was tempted to try some more of their make up out..still at half price! My second order came within 2 days, I was at work at the time and I was itching all day to just go home and try my new products!
Of course, it came in the cute packaging with purple tissue:

Phone camera quality again!
This time I ordered:
> x4 eyeshadow powders - delph blue, silver grey, neon pink and hot pink
> "deep fuchsia" lipstick
> x2 glitter eye pencils - purple princess and black knight
> Models Own lip & cheek tint

These eyeshadows were even better than my last order, the neon pink shadow being the only matt out of the four. Here's what they look like on the skin (minus the lip & cheek tint):

The neon pink compared to the last matt colours is much more vibrant, and needs less layers than the hot red eyeshadow from the last post. I loved the hot pink and delph blue, they were gorgeous and I'll post a makeup look I did with them later.
The two glitter pencils were softer than the kohl pencils from my last post, but the glitter obviously makes the pencil a bit harsh and you need to go back and forth a couple times for the glitter to show. The "black knight" eye liner in the above picture doesn't seem to show the glitter, but the glitter in the pencil looks more like a light gold to me and does show up, although not as much as the "purple princess" liner. And again, both liners have a very handy sharpener in the lid and smudger on the other end :)
The deep fuchsia lipstick again has a moisturing sheen to it, and is a beautiful vibrant colour, although when I tried it on, it made me look a bit plasticky, probably cos I have full lips though :S
I tried the lip and cheek tint and it gave the tint needed for the lips although I'm not too keen on the blendability for the cheeks. As with most lip tints I've come across (including Benetint), the taste is not something I'd recommend! Then again the only tint I've come across that doesn't taste bitter is the Urban Decay Lip Envy, which seems to be discontinued in the UK :(

All in all, I'm happy with my Models Own find, the shimmery colours I love more so and definitely happy with the makeup brushes considering MAC brushes cost a pretty penny!



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