Illamasqua Mystery Box

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Hello my lovelies! 
Apologies for the lack of posts recently, after getting back from holiday I had a fair bit of catching up to do with clients etc as well as actually working and washing all those holiday clothes (glamorous I know!)

Anyway, I've thought of a couple posts that may be of interest to you so over the coming weeks I shall try my best to get these up!

This is a quick post and mini review based on the Instagram picture I put up regarding the Illamasqua Mystery Boxes, excuse the picture quality in this post as they are from my phone!:
There's two versions of this box that came out last year and as far as I know I think they were only exclusive to Debenhams.  
I chose this "Alter Ego" box as it only has one nail polish in it (the other "Eyes and Nails" box has two), which I wouldn't use as much. My box included 6 full size products, 4 of which are mystery shades.
I happened to come across these a few times but was too worried I'd get products I won't use, but whilst strolling past the sale table in the Lakeside Debenhams I saw the price had been slashed down to £17.50 from £35, I couldn't say no.
One blush alone is around £18, so this was certainly a steal and even if I got products I wouldn't personally use, I know I could always use it in my kit or on a shoot (my failsafe excuse for any makeup purchase!).
what I got in my box!
Shades in my box: 
*Nail Varnish in Collide (neon pink) [revealed on outer box cover]
*Liquid metal in Electrum (metallic antique gold) [revealed]
*Intense lipgloss in Move (mauve rose pink)
*Lipstick in Fetish (violet/blueberry)
*Powder blusher in Panic (red with pink tones)
*Powder Eye Shadow in Fallen (lilac-grey)
Everything except the nail polish is swatched below:
The box is worth up to £96.50 based on current prices however some of these products are discontinued, for instance Fetish lipstick and Fallen eyeshadow. Having said this, as I mentioned on my Instagram account I'm really pleased with my mystery box; I know some other bloggers/reviews have had some not so wearable shades but I believe it was pot luck that I picked a good box, considering! It felt like the lucky dips you get as a kid, when you wish for good stuff but mentally prepare yourself for something you may not have wanted lol!

I love the colours I got, even the neon pink nail polish is surprisingly pretty and something I would wear in Summer. I was dubious that Move lipgloss would be too light for me but even that looks fine on my generally dark lips and it doesn't feel sticky.

If you happen to come across one of these boxes at your local Debenhams, be sure to snap it up as you'll get more than a bang for your buck and as you know I'm massively a fan of their products as they are super pigmented so you can't go wrong!

Did you get any of these mystery boxes? What did you think of it and which products do you like best?

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