Back from shopping, I mean work!

Saturday 25 September 2010

I couldn't resist seeing everyone rave about the UD Naked palette.. so I bought one at work today!
Ohhhh yeaaa!
My justifications are: 
1) I love UD
2) It was payday yesterday
3) I get staff discount
4) I love UD

So look for Naked looks coming up! =D



  1. You are so lucky to get UD discounts! :)
    I am dying to get one too

  2. hahaha, love the title!
    they dont even sell UD where i live :-(

  3. No wayyy! Surely thats a crime to not sell UD?!
    And I don't blame u, I wasn't too bothered about having the naked palette til I saw loads of people saying it was great.. So weak of me *blush*


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