Feeling Manly...

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I got my Manly 120 palette today! I read reviews on it and decided to buy it last week, and it arrived today, fully protected with like a meeellion layers of bubble wrap and a "handle with care" sticker on the front.. naice!
with included mini brush set & "pigments"

So pretty!
I'm soo excited to use this, can't wait, but I'm gonna be busy for the next couple days, working tomorrow & friday, have a wedding in Leicester on Saturday, so should be blogging shortly after that! Or I might add pictures of the makeup I do for the event.. or from the sleepover I had last night with two friends =)



  1. I have this palette! I love the colors they are so pretty and very pigmented!!! Enjoy it beauty! :)

  2. I can assure you it's a very fun palette to play with :)


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