Naked Palette look

Tuesday 28 September 2010

I was torn between doing a brown or grey/black look with this palette first, but decided to go with brown seeing as its a more neutral/everyday look.

First of all, let me talk about this palette!

From left to right: virgin, sin, naked, sidecar, buck, half baked, smog, darkhorse, toasted, hustle, creep & gunmetal. 24/7 eyeliners: zero & whiskey (non metallic brown).

I wasn't too bothered about it when I was blogging about the NYC palette, cos I thought I had most of the colours from all my Book of Shadows'. I do have a few of them already e.g. half baked, smog and gunmetal. But this palette also has two matte colours (naked & buck), satin colours (e.g. virgin, sin & toasted) and shimmery colours (e.g. sidecar, smog & creep).
Despite preferring bright colours like purples & blues, I actually love this palette, especially the matte colours as I don't have much of these! The double ended eyeliner is cute and seeing as Urban Decay don't sell whiskey by itself yet, I'm happy I own it.

For this look I used:

> UD Primer Potion
> UD Naked palette: virgin, sin, naked, smog, darkhorse, creep.
> 24/7 eyeliner "zero"
> Maybelline eye definer in black
> Dior Show mascara
> myface.cosmetics concealer "213"
> UD Surreal Skin concealer in "hallucination"
> Clinique "sunset glow" blush
> UD Lip Envy in "envious"
> Body Shop "merry cranberry" lip balm

To start, I applied Sin to the inner corner of the eyelid and a little further along the lid, including a bit of the crease. I then used Smog to pat on colour to end of the eyelid, followed by Darkhorse, blending the two together and upwards, using circular motions with the brush, then using windscreen wiper motions for blending in the crease. For a brow highlighter, I used Virgin on the brow bone, blending it down into the Darkhorse/Smog with Naked. I used Creep in the outer corner of the eyelid for a smokier look, making sure it's blended with the browns. For the bottom lash line, I used the Elf liner brush to add Smog, blending with Sin on the inner corner of the eye.

To line the eye, 24/7 Zero was used, on the top lash line and bottom waterline, followed by Maybelline eye definer (felt tip kind of liner) on the top lash line. To finish the eye, Dior Show was used after applying concealer under the eye.

For the cheeks I used Clinique's Sunset Glow blush, on the apples of the cheeks and blending.

To finish I didn't want too dramatic lips, so I used a lip stain UD Envious, with Body Shop lipbalm on top.



  1. I really long for this palette...but my sephora doesn't sell this brand :(

  2. wow!!! I love NAKED palette but in Italy is very difficult to find this product!
    It's impossible! :(((

  3. lovely, as always :)

    can't wait to get my hands on one of these babies!

  4. beautifully done


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