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Thursday 2 September 2010

I've been keeping my eye on this brand for a while now, their colours look great on the website, (click here for Models Own website) but I never got round to buying anything from them... that was until they had a Facebook promotion where when the Models Own page reached 10,000 likes, they would have a half price sale on everything!
Naturally, I got excited and joined in on the spurring on of people joining up on my friends list, on relevant make up pages, you name it, I shared it!
The time finally came when there was a couple more likes to go, and us avid make up enthusiasts sat there counting down those precious minutes til the sale would start, and I must say it was pretty exciting.
Anyway, once the promo code was given, I was onto it in a shot (shopping bag filled already, of course!), but obviously with 10,000 likes, there was a website melt down and I was unable to get my booty til hours later.
I waited patiently, 6 or 7 days, when it finally arrived in the post! I must say it was cute packaging, little black box, big enough to fit through the letterbox, and filled with purple tissue paper :)
Mind the quality..taken with my phone!
My haul:
> x2 brush sets - which includes 1 eyeshadow shading brush (wide brush), 1 eyeshadow blending brush (round and tipped), and 1 angled brushed, great for lining eyes.
> black kohl eye liner
> red kohl eye liner
> "scarlett" lipstick
> x3 eyeshadows - in white pearl, emerald green, and hot red colours.

Weird combo of colours, I know! But it's hard to get an eyeshadow and definitely not an eyeliner in red. Out of the three eyeshadows, I have to say the white pearl was the best; maybe its cos I'm used to shimmery eyeshadows and prefer them, but still there's no harm in having matt shadows like red and green.. particularly cos they're hard to find anyway!
Here's what the colours look like on skin:

As you can see, the matt colours (red & green) need a lot of layers to fully appreciate the colour of the shadow (the red more so than the green). The red has a tinge of orange in my opinion, but then again, the only other red I've come across is the Barry M's "cherry red" shadow, which has a tinge of pink. It's actually hard to pull red eyeshadow off without looking like you've been punched in the eye or a zombie, so I guess that's why it's not so readily available.
The kohl pencils give strong colour, and although not as soft a pencil as I'm used to with Urban Decay, another bonus with this pencil is the sharpener in the lid and the smudger on the other side. On trying the red kohl, I did end up looking like a zombie, but then again it could come in handy smudging it to blend with the eyeshadow, for a truer red. For now I'll be saving it for Halloween though! ;)
The lipstick gives a beautiful red colour, more blue toned than orange, which is great for a dramatic look, and the lipstick has a sheen to it that looks moisturised, so not bad!

I was so pleased with this order that I decided to order again, this time with more shimmery shadows, and I thought I'd try the chubby glitter eye pencils and the lip and cheek tint, seeing as the Benefit one is pretty good... well they ARE all half price aren't they?! ;)

I'll post the review for my second haul in the next post, and maybe how it looks when applied ;)



  1. I love models own brushes> i also got them in there sale.i also got the scarlette lipstick and i love it. My sister ordered the white and red eye shadows too, they look well good tho x

  2. The brushes are great!! I think I'm gonna try a look with the white and red sometime.. I know they'll look good together, maybe with some gold ;)


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