Friday FOTD: Eid Make Up Look 2017

Friday 30 June 2017

So it's a bit delayed but here's my Eid FOTD this year that I posted on Instagram already, thought it would be better off logged (and more easily searchable) here.

I ran an IG giveaway just before Eid this year and asked you guys/my IG followers what kind of makeup you usually wear on Eid/will be wearing this year (here) and felt so inspired!

I knew I wanted to wear something pastelly pink but ended up getting something pastelly peach-pink to wear instead, so the makeup I chose was a soft peachy pink look with glitter and a a heavier than usual winged liner.

Read on to see full list of products used and my OOTD!

Tuesday Takeover: Cydney Helsdown

Tuesday 27 June 2017

I've got another Tuesday Takeover guest post for you this week and its from the naturally gorgeous Cydney Helsdown who I first discovered on Twitter!
Cydney is another fellow mummy blogger, who blogs about not only beauty but lifestyle, mummy posts, food and travel.. so it's definitely worth checking her blog here.

She's going to be reviewing some Tarte products today which I've not actually had the chance to access much so I'm glad she's guest posted this for me.

Read on to see her thoughts on the Tarte Kit which includes the Amazonian Clay foundation, Maneater mascara and more!

Eid Gift Ideas - Beauty

Thursday 22 June 2017

By now, if you haven't got your Eid gifts sorted you may be desperate for some inspo, so if stationary isn't their thing, then here are my beauty picks for Eid.
I've started with two brands that have Eid-specific products which I think is amazing and would love to see more brands cater to gifting for Eid time if possible as it does make gift searching a lot more easier!

After these, I've included my favourite beauty products released so far this year (whilst they're still available!), which can also come in handy for some birthday present inspiration.

Usually if I don't know what the person wants for Eid/birthdays, I tend to scour the internet for gift sets which are better value for money as you tend to get more products for the price you pay.. which is always a win.

Read on to see my personal favourites and recommendations this Eid...

Eid Gift Ideas - Stationary

Saturday 17 June 2017

Sooo, as we get closer to Eid, I thought I'd put up a post of gift ideas, first starting with stationary as it's something that can be gifted to males and females.

Whilst browsing Etsy for Eid related ideas (they're the best place to shop for personalised/niche products btw!) I found a few small businesses online that offer Eid related stationary/gift ideas, but also included my current favourite non-islamic related stationary shop I'm obsessed with too at the end of this post.

I personally love stationary and think it makes a great gift as most people will use it at work or if a student or at least use it as a prop for their pictures if they're a blogger like me haha. 
I adore monochrome or geometric patterns and when they have hints of metallic shades in them (particularly rose gold) I'm sold! 

I've both purchased and been sent some of the stationary from small businesses in this post, I do love supporting smaller businesses in general as it takes a lot of initiative and commitment to start business in the first place, so do check them out for some more fab ideas 💞

Sunday Swatches: Foundation Files - NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review

Sunday 11 June 2017

[picture heavy post!]
Whenever I get a NYX package, whatever is on my blogging to do list gets forgotten and I bump it right up the list because I'm over excited and know that everyone in the world will be too.

So when I received this mahoosive delivery of ALL 24 shades of Total Control Drop foundations.. I was in awe and made sure to get it on my face asap so I could get reviewing.

Months after the US had it and paraded it over our Instagrams, the long awaited NYX Total Control Drop Foundations have finally reached the UK and here's what I think about them.. 

Halal Nail Polish? Nova Nails

Friday 9 June 2017

I recently discovered Nova Nails nail polish online after searching for a real "halal" nail polish.. something I've been looking for the last couple years actually, so I thought it would be perfect to try in Ramadan.

I have a couple Inglot O2M "breathable" nail polishes which are supposedly also halal but I've there's always a slight niggle that makes me worry that it's not fully halal so when I stumbled across these Nova washable nail polishes, I was over the moon!

Admittedly it comes with pros and cons, read on to see what these are and a demo video of how it works!

Saturday Skincare: Thirsty Skin

Saturday 3 June 2017

Since my last skincare post, my routine has changed considerably; mainly because it was very basic (you'll know if you caught my Instagram Live a couple months ago!) and also because I've received a fair few new skincare products through PR packages, so I've been giving them a whirl and thought I'd share my new routine/suggested products for this month of fasting when our skin is most likely lacking in hydration!

I try to wear 
even more minimal makeup in Ramadan than I usually do because I like to use it as a detox monthand focus my saved time elsewhere either spiritually or at least focussing more on skincare.

I've followed the Spend/Save theme as before where I could below, suggesting both affordable and high end options for you to check out if you're feeling spendy.

Read on to see what steps I'd recommend for parched skin; some of these are suitable for combination to oily skin types too of course 💗
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