Friday 31 December 2010

Seeing as I haven't yet been able to show off what the Mavala All That Glitters set looks like (click here for my post), I thought I'd do it for NYE.. relevant sparkly nails!
I also managed to try out the two Andrea Fulerton stripe & sparkle nail polishes I got, so here they are..

First up is the Mavala All That Glitters duo. Here's one coat of both:

And one with two coats:

I loooove the Pure Diamond one (right), I lovve multicoloured/holographic glitter. Either of these would be great for NYE/New Years!

For the Andrea Fulerton Stripe & Sparkle nail polishes, I used a plain Red Herring red nail polish as a base. 

Left to right: 1) Pattie glitter sprinkle, 2) Kathleen fine white glitter sprinkle, 3) & 4) Pattie black stripe, 5) Kathleen white stripe (used as french manicure).

The glitter sprinkle part of the Stripe & Sparkle is a bit hard to use (hence a bit of sparkle gone over the end of the nail), but you can slightly correct it with another layer of red/dark coloured nail polish. The stripe brush is really great though, and excellent for doing a french manicure free hand.

Here's the second nail (Kathleen glitter) with a clear top coat; the whiteness of the glitter becomes clear, so it gives it a subtle glittery shimmer:

I went shopping at Lakeside yesterday and didn't find a Gemstones pack that I could buy =(

I did however manage to find the new red Sleek pout polish in Scandal... and Sunrise blush! Here's the packaging and swatches of the two:

They look similar to Electro Peach pout polish and Rose Gold blush, but trust me the Scandal pout polish is scarlet red compared to the coral-peach Electro Peach and the Sunrise blush here is more brown toned than Rose Gold which is more peachy toned. Judging by the colour of Sunrise, I'd expect it to be better as a bronzer =)

Have a great new years everyone, hope it brings greater things than this year for you all and you're all happy and blessed =)


Urban Decay Sparkly Eyes & Red Lips

Wednesday 29 December 2010

I thought I'd try a look from the previous Festive Haul & (old) findings post. I used the three UD sparkly eyeshadows - Midnight Cowboy, Goddess & Retrograde. I used the sample size lipstick in Gash too, here's some pics of what it looked like out of the box.. it's sooo cute!!

Now I'm a fairly small person, with tiny hands, so you can imagine how small this sample is if it sits in my hand like that! The lipstick smells sweet when applied also.. love it!

Here's a full list of what's used:

> UD eyeshadows - Midnight Cowboy, Goddess & Retrograde Stardust

> UD 24/7 eyeliners - Zero & Yeyo
> MAC select moisturecover concealer in NC35
> Dior Show black mascara
> Sleek blush in Pomegranate
> UD lip liner & lipstick in Gash

To start, I used Midnight Cowboy on the inner corners of the eyes, blending out to the brow bone in a crescent shape. I then used Retrograde on the inner corner of the eyelids, patting it along the eyelid, stopping just before the outer corner, which was filled with Goddess. Goddess was blended into the crease and upwards into the Midnight Cowboy, blending a lot and creating a winged shape. To blend the dark Goddess colour out, I used more Midnight Cowboy on the brow bone accordingly, blending down. A cotton wool bud was used to clean the line from the outer corner of the eyelid to the outer eyebrow.
As the purple & navy are really dark on the top eyelid, I decided to break it up with silvery white eyeliner (Yeyo) on the bottom lashline, following the clean eyeshadow line from the eye corner to the eyebrow corner, but underneath. Zero eyeliner was used for topliner and inner waterlines for top and bottom lashlines.
Finally, concealer was used under the eye followed by Dior Show mascara to finish off the eyes.

For the cheeks I used the new Sleek Pomegranate (purpley) blusher, and for the lips I used Gash lipliner over the lips followed by Gash lipstick on top.


It's a shame the sparkliness of the glitter doesn't show up much in these pictures, cameras do glitter no justice!
I think this look is a bit too dark/gothic for me, but thought I'd do a look with the products I've acquired recently.. hope you like!


Andrea Fulerton Nails/ NOTD

Sunday 26 December 2010

Haul 2 of late has been the Andrea Fulerton range. So far I've picked up the nail tattoos - two chain ones & one locks & keys (whilst they were 3 for 2 at Superdrug!) as well as two Stripe & Sparkles:


The first one is "Pattie" a black polish (with a "skinny striping brush") and holographic glitter on top. The second one I got was "Kathleen", a white polish with white multicoloured glitter. There's other polishes/ nail items in the range aside from the Stripe & Sparkle range, such as French Manicure kits, Peel Off nail polishes, Crystal Gemstones, "Trio" nail polishes (two polishes that can be layered or wore alone), but I didn't bother buying as I thought I could layer normal polishes in the same way.. although some of them did look really great! 

The Crystal Gemstones (click here for info) can be used to get a much cheaper version of the famed Nails Inc pedicure that starts from £120 (click here for service prices). Now I don't know about you, but I thought that was a ludicrous amount for having a pedicure, whether or not it lasts 3 weeks!! Thankfully, you can achieve a similar (if not same) effect with Andrea Fulerton, so I'm planning to get this next..

Here's a quick NOTD I did when I got the tattoos (I was desperate to see how they worked!):
It's soo unbelievably simple to use, just simply cut, peel and stick! This was taken without a topcoat, but topcoat is recommended to seal it in.

The peel off nail polishes sound interesting to me, but also seem quite gimmicky and impractical.. I'd be intrigued to try them though for a bargainous price! One thing they don't have is testers unfortunately, which is a bummer. Anyway, I shall try to get some nail looks done with these products I've bought, although I have to admit I'm not that great with nails!

Hope this has helped anyone interested in the range,


Sleek Mistletoe & Tinsel eyes

Friday 24 December 2010

Here's another Christmassy look that involves using the festive Sleek "Sparkle" palette; its a smoked out look using "Tinsel" (shimmery silver eyeshadow) and "Mistletoe" (shimmery dark green with microglitter sparkle). To be honest, any colour from the palette would suit this look but obviously being the day before Christmas, I chose Mistletoe.

Products used:

> Sleek Sparkle palette - "tinsel" & "mistletoe"
> Sleek Good Girl palette - "raspberry coulis"
> UD 24/7 eyeliner - "zero" & "covet"
> Dior Show mascara in black
> Barry M lip lacquer in No. 1

After applying primer to the whole eye, I started by using Tinsel on the brow bone and shading down a little. I then used the No. 7 blend & contour eyeshadow brush to put Mistletoe all over the eyelid, and blend upwards into the Tinsel, winging it out at the outer corner of the eyes. I then went and added some more Tinsel to the browbone and blended it down some more as the Mistletoe was very dark.
I then lined the eye with Covet, both top and bottom, followed by Zero on the inner waterline of top and bottom lashlines. After applying concealer under the eyes, I finished with Dior Show mascara, using zigzag motions.

For the cheeks I used Raspberry Coulis of the Good Girl palette again, with red Barry M lip lacquer on the lips. I've paired green eyes with red lips for all my Christmas looks but what can I say?! They're the festive colours!


Hope you like it and for those celebrating, have a great Christmas! 


Festive Sleek haul and (old) findings

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Sorry I've been a bit AWOL lately, just been doing some overtime at work and boy is it busy! You'd have thought snow would have put people off shopping but of course not late Christmas shopping!
Anyway, I've been doing a bit of my own little shopping, picking up things whenever I've been out and about.

First haul: Sleek
I managed to pick up the LE Sleek Sparkle palette; great for the festive season, and great for sparkle enthusiasts like moi! I also picked up the Sleek Pout Polish in Powder Pink, and the LE shimmer blush Pomegranate.

 and blurred so you can see the glitter:
 And the Pout Polish & blush:
and swatches:
As you can see, the Pomegranate is more of a purple shade than the Rose Gold (check my swatches for Rose Gold here). The Powder Pink pout polish is more a baby pink compared to the Pink Cadillac, I love both! As for the Sparkle palette, I didn't bother doing swatches as I'm sure every other blogger has probably swatched it already, I'll be doing another Christmassy look with the Sparkle palette in my next post, look out for it! If you do want swatches though, I'll do it =)

My last visit to my mums ended entailed nice beauty surprises! Firstly I'd won a lipstick from Rimmel: Lasting Finish Lipstick in Sweetie (woop!):

I'll defo have to use this in a make up look soooon.. I love the colour so much! Especially cos it has purple flecks in it!

The other thing was something I knew I'd bought as a spare present, but wasn't sure if it had been gifted already.. luckily for me it hadn't! It was a UD "Urban Essentials" set from a while ago which consists of a LE huge size Primer Potion (PP) and two eyeshadows - Midnight Cowboy (beige with silver microglitter) & Goddess (midnight blue with electric blue microglitter). In all honesty I've used the Goddess eyeshadow since I got it, if you find me on most days when I can't be bothered to use colours but want to make a slight effort, I use it on the outer corners of the eyes (with Clinique Sugar Sugar on the inner corners). I can't for the life of me remember where I placed the Midnight Cowboy though! 
The PP in this pack is amazingly still liquid-y, as opposed to dried out, so hopefully I should be able to use it =D
  and the shadows individually; Midnight Cowboy:
 And Goddess (with & without glitter showing):

On an UD note, the last time I bought something I received some samples from the lovely lovely people on the UD stand.. it's rare for them to have samples but seeing as I buy so much UD from them, I got one of each =D

The Stardust shadow is in "Retrograde" (dark purple with sparkle) and the Lipstick in "Gash" (matches my lip pencil from them!). I'm not sure what colour the lipgloss is in as I haven't opened it and couldn't see any visible names.
Here's the Stardust shadow swatch and description & All Nighter spray:

Can't wait to use these new products, let me know what you think!


Christmas look 2

Friday 17 December 2010

I thought I'd play about with Christmassy colours, so I chose to use gold green & red for this look.. alternatively I guess it could be used to represent flag colours for either one of these countries with the same colours!: click here!

Here's the products used for this look:

> Bare Minerals foundation - medium beige
> Manly palette
> UD 24/7 eyeliner in "covet" & "zero"
> Dior Show mascara (forgot to add to pic!)
> MAC select moisturecover concealer in NC35
> Clinique blusher in "sunset glow"
> Natural Collection lipstick in "crimson"
> Barry M lip gloss wand in "cherry"

For this look I used all the shimmery colours.. festive looks have to have some shine to them, whether glitter or shimmer! I opted for shimmer as the glitter was going to be on the lips. I started by buffing on Bare Minerals foundation onto my face in Medium Beige.
For the eyes, first I started by applying a golden yellow from the Manly palette to the inner corner of the eyes as well as under the brows, followed by a shimmery green to the middle and end of the eyelid (using the MO eye shading brush) and blending the golden yellow with the green. I then used the No 7 blend & contour brush to add a little bit of shimmery red above the outer corner of the eyes, winging it out a little, and blending upwards into the gold underneath the eyebrows. I added gold to the rest of the eye area, blending into the green and reds, to make it less harsh. For the lower lashline I used a thin wet brush to add the golden eyeshadow colour in an upwards stroke along the lashline, followed by UD Covet eyeliner on the lower waterline. For the top liner I used Covet again, with Zero on top, for a dark green/black liner. After applying under eye concealer, I used Dior Show mascara on top and bottom lashes.

For the cheeks I used Clinique Sunset Glow, and for the lips I used Natural Collection lipstick in Crimson, followed by Barry M's glittery red lip gloss - Cherry. Unfortunately the glitter didn't show up much in the pictures, but I assure you, its lovely and sparkly to add to your lips for a festive look!

Hope you like it!


Winter Wonderland/ Christmas look FOTD

Tuesday 14 December 2010

First of all I just want to say a thank you to all the people entering my competition, I'm impressed with the response, and good luck to all of you who have/are entering!

On with my makeup look then..

I went Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park on Sunday and as always, it didn't fail to impress. I've been going for the last 3 years and this year I decided to check the circus which was impressive! Those people who fly through the air like it's nothing are amazing!
Here's a few pics of the Cirque D'hiver and from other things at the Wonderland:

 The "bad guy"
 The girl on the right was a-m-a-z-i-n-g with her feet/legs, she sat on her back and tossed & flipped fire!
 The Giant Wheel (no, not London Eye!)
Helter Skelter

Anyway, here's the look I wore to the Winter Wonderland- glittery green eyes and red lips.. really simple!

> UD 24/7 pencil in "covet"
> UD Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner in "stagedive"
> UD 24/7 pencil in "zero"
> Dior Show mascara
> MAC moisturecover concealer in NC35
> UD Lip Envy in "envious"
> No 7 Sheer Temptation lipstick in "smoulder"
> Sleek Good Girl palette - "raspberry coulis" for blush

This look is really really simple; first I lined the top and bottom of the eyes with UD pencil in Covet, then added Stagedive to the topliner. 

After using under eye concealer and Dior Show mascara, I decided to use the palette I'm giving away for the blush.. So to fit with the christmassy red-green theme I used Raspberry Coulis on the apples of my cheeks.. I'm not usually a fan of reds on the cheeks but it doesn't look half bad!!
I then finished the look with UD Envious lip stain followed by No 7 Smoulder lipstick on top, et voila! Simple Christmassy look!

 Hope you like it, I'll try doing more festive looks, if you have any requests let me know!

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