Sleek Palette makeup look

Thursday 23 September 2010

So I decided to do a look from the Sleek Sunset palette, and see whether the colours were any good. They weren't too bad, considering the price! Apart from fall out when using the brush on the eyeshadow, the colour on the eyes was vibrant and pigmented, albeit a bit too shimmery for my liking.

Here's what was used for the look:
> Elf primer
> Sleek palette - see pic below for which eyeshadows were used.
> UD 24/7 eyeliner in zero & 1999
> MO black kohl liner
> Maybelline black eye definer
> Elf eyelash curlers
> Dior show mascara
> myface.cosmetics concealer in 213
> Clinique sunset glow blush
> UD lip liner in "gash"
> Body Shop "merry cranberry" lip balm

Here's a close up of the colours used (and the previous Sleek post's swatches to see what they look like), I'll be referring to them by their numbers below!

After applying Elf primer (which I now use for every day/makeup blogs), number 1 was used first (a golden colour with a tinge of orange), on the brow bone and inwards towards the inner corner of the eye, in a patting/sweeping motion. Number 2 (a yellowy gold) was added on top of this for a stronger golden colour.
Number 4 (red) was used on the eyelid, on the inner corner of the eyes, and only slightly on the outer corner, as number 3 (a bronze red) was added more to the outer eyelid corner. I used number 5 on the eyelid creases, blending in with the MO blending brush, and then blending in all the colours so that the transition between the colours is not harsh.
I added a bit of number 6 (black) into the crease as the brown was not as dark as I wanted it, but this is optional for most people, if you want a less dramatic look.
I lined the bottom lashes thickly with UD 24/7 eyeliner in 1999, a purpley brown colour, then the full eye with all three liners (UD zero, MO kohl black & Maybelline eye definer) for a more darker line. Finally I used concealer and Dior show mascara to finish the eyes.


For the cheeks I used Clinique sunset glow with the Elf sculpting blush brush, under the cheek bones for definition.

For the lips I used UD "gash" lip liner all over the lips, with Body Shop's merry cranberry lip balm on top. I love this lip balm sooo much, it's been my favourite for the last 3 years, although the texture changed a little last year, when they introduced the new tin packaging. It gives a slight red tinge to bare lips, with flecks of gold, and smells and tastes gorgeous!



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  2. this look is GORGEOUS! the red lips & golden shadow looks awesome together. Great post!


  3. Very warm colors, so perfect for fall!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. this is lovely! i love all the looks you've done so far and you're seriously, ridiculously gorgeous.

  5. I think you are increidibly talented! The colours you have used are really vibrant and pretty, I am in love with this exotic and inspirational look,

  6. Thank u every1! *blush*
    and dani it's the makeup, I look like a zombie without!


  7. you look so pretty, love the makeup :)

    x Christine


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