Saturday Skincare: All 6 Glamglow masks review

Saturday 24 March 2018

Hi my lovelies!

It's been a while since I've posted, I started this year with this 2018 Goals blog post and knew it would be hard to try and aim to do both "traditional" blogging and videos but man it's been even harder than I thought!

The video front has been good in terms of instagram but my blog has always been my baby and I refuse to neglect it, so in light of the short IG video I created for the new Glamglow #Multimasking set, I've decided to use it as an opportunity to review all the masks in this one post as many of you voted, rather than separate posts.

screenshots from my mini IG video of this multimasking set (click here to watch)

As you guys read in my Self Love blog post, masking is the simplest form of self love that a lot of us do, so I knew the Glamglow Multimasking set would gauge a lot of interest especially as so many of us bought the Christmas set on sale at the start of the year, which was an absolute bargain!

This set is of course great for it's main purpose of multimasking (which is perfect for combination skin types), but it's also a great way to try all of the Glamglow masks without the hefty price tag of buying all of them full size, so read on for the lowdown on each mask!

FF: Illamasqua Daze Highlighter

Friday 2 March 2018

Sooo Illamasqua have released a new shade of their Beyond Powder highlighters and as a fan of the OMG highlighter (read my top 5 gold highlighters blog post here), of course I was inspired to create something magical with it, being iridescent pink and all; the unicorn trend is still very much alive in 2018!

I thought I'd go for something a lot less dramatic on the eyes than my last Illamasqua look, this one is magical with pink and purple tones and I had a vision of using my blacklight for a pic (which I still have from none other than this Illamasqua event!)

The unicorn/mermaid trend isn't for everybody but I do love playing with makeup and the Beyond Powders look amazing wet or dry so I was eager to see how it would look under the blacklight idea I pictured in my head.
Read on to see all products used for this look!
left: the Daze highlighter (no flash) right: the highlighter brush you get free with my discount code!
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