Models Own make up look

Friday 3 September 2010

With all the make up & time I have, it only makes sense to try out different makeup styles to see what it looks like. The main products used were Models Own (MO), so here goes:

For this look I used:
> MO white pearl
> MO hot pink
> MO delph blue
> MO black knight glitter eye pencil (bottom lid)
> Urban Decay "zero" 24/7 eyeliner (top lid)
> Maybelline black line definer (top lid)
> Diorshow mascara
> MAC NC35 concealer
> Clinique "sunset glow" blush
> Sleek "raspberry souffle" pout polish

You can see how well used UD zero is!

The reason I used so many eyeliners is because I found with the powder eyeshadows (which I'm not used to), my normal Urban Decay (UD) eyeliner didnt show up as much as I wanted to.. so I used the Maybelline eye liner on top, which is like a felt tip. Of course, I used my new MO eyeshadow brushes, which worked very well, with little loss of brush hairs :)

I applied the white pearl to the inner corners of my eyes with the shading brush, followed by hot pink in the middle of the lid. The delph blue was used in the corner of the eyes, blended into the socket with the MO blending eyeshadow brush, and a little under the bottom lash line. To finish, I lined the eye with UD zero liner at the top (followed by Maybelline!) and MO black knight on the bottom lash line. Finally I used the Clinique sunset glow blusher and my favourite lip balm (Sleek) cos I thought it would suit the look best, and it doesn't look half bad in my opinion!

Blurred so the colours are more visible
Let me know what you think! 



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