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Monday, 9 July 2012

I didn't get time to do a makeup look this week as I've been so busy with bookings and events so apologies for that!
However, the last photoshoot I did before I went on holiday consisted of an Asian/Arabian theme and I've chosen my favourites out of a fair few, so here they are:

Asian purple look:

Arabic blue look:
I also did a "Frooti" themed shoot too which is a bit different as I wanted to do an editorial style theme with high colour; I haven't yet received all the pictures for yet but here are two teasers:
Which shoot do you like best? Hope you feel as inspired as I did when I shot these!



  1. Thhe arabic blue and the asian purple look are my favourites, they're pretty beautiful! ♥

  2. Simply beautiful! Super talented you are :))

  3. woww you look really pretty

  4. I love all the pictures but the last one is my favorite!

  5. The pictures came out really nice and so did the makeup, the first one really caught my attention!


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