Midweek Makeovers

Wednesday 31 July 2013

Hello my lovelies!

As you know I've been fairly busy with clients the last couple weeks in the run up to Ramadan (everyone rushes to get married before or after Ramadan!), so I thought I'd do a post showing some of the makeup of clients I actually managed to capture.

Party makeup eyes:
coral smokey look
gold-green look
gold-pink-purple look
gold-maroon smokey look
silver smokey look
I also had a few brides and managed to get a picture of two bride's makeup; one wanted a simple look for her day and the second wanted a classic asian bridal look:
simple glittery asian bridal look
classic red asian bridal look
I also had a few prom bookings in June; proms are getting much bigger as time goes on (my school didn't even have one!) but I loved doing these 16 year olds' makeup.. they're surprisingly mature and it was fun introducing them to makeup that some had never tried before!
antique gold and navy look
silver smokey look with pink lips
smokey gunmetal with red
I'll be adding these pictures (and more) to my facebook page, don't forget to like it and follow me on Instagram too if you'd like to see more of my work and up to date!

Which looks were your favourite?



  1. So skilled mashAllah. Wish I could do eyeshadow like that :)

    1. Aww jzk, it definitely comes with practice, so keep practising! xx

  2. Sooo beautiful!! Stunning makeup x

  3. Which eyeliner do you use on clients, Safiyah? It looks awesome in all of the pics.

    1. Hi my lovely! I use the Inglot AMC gel liner in 77 (black) both on me and clients, its dark and doesn't dry out very fast =D xx


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