Recent makeup work (again)

Sunday 30 September 2012

Hello my lovelies!

I do realise I haven't done a makeup look in like forever and I really do apologise for this! I've been quite busy with bookings etc so I thought I'd share some of the looks I created on my clients whilst I get my makeup mojo back!

Sorry in advance for some of the pictures' poor quality (they're zoomed in coz the clients didn't want their full face showing!)

First up:
#1 - Bridesmaids/party makeup
Bridesmaid 1:
Cream and green outfit with antique gold threadwork and diamantes.

Bridesmaid 2:
Turquoise/teal outfit with silver threading and diamantes.
Bridesmaid 3:
Green & purple outfit with silver diamantes.
Bridesmaid 4:
Blue-turquoise & purple outfit with silver diamantes:
Bridesmaid 5:
Another green & golden-silver outfit.

#2 Bride A
Bride A required two days of makeup and hair, the first day being a peachy-pink colour outfit and the next day with a blue & red outfit. She didn't want very heavy makeup like the last bride, so I did a subtle look but matching her outfits both days.
My cousin Farah - who does the hair in our team - did a bun and helped with the hijab & dupatta setting for the second day.
I personally preferred Day 2 as there was more colour involved again.
Day 1 (Peachy-Pink): 
Day 2 (Blue-red outfit with gold work):
eye makeup for day 2
day 2's outfit
Be sure to join my facebook page Frootibeauty and mine and Farah's joint Safrah Beauty page for even more pictures including hair and mehndi/henna.

Which looks did you like best? Hope you've enjoyed the looks as much as I did creating them!



  1. i like all, but the last one is the best. i love it! :X

    1. Aww thank you, it's my favourite from this post of looks too =) x

  2. The looks are all amazing! ♥ My favourites are the both of bride A.

    1. Thanks! The second day is my favourite as I've never tried that combination before and it worked well =) x

  3. I can't pick which one is my favourite, because they all look amazing!!
    Absolutely love it!!!!!

  4. All of the looks are gorgeous!

  5. I like what you did in Bridesmaid 5. I love the color combination of green and golden-silver. I find it perfect for everyday wear. I like to try it out and I hope that it looks great on me too.

    1. Thank you Annie, it's a more muted green look than the first one, very wearable. If you do try it, please do send me a link/pic! x

  6. I love the last look... Never thought the colours would go together but you've made it look really nice! xx

    1. Aww thanks Sami, yeah I added the hint of red on the last minute coz it was lacking something with just gold and blue.. and it worked =D xx

  7. holy crap, the first one blew my mind away!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  8. Stunning work Safiyah.



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