Monday Makeover

Monday 16 July 2012

Hello my lovelies!

Just thought I'd post a few clients' party/bridesmaids hair and makeup done with my cousin Farah who does the hair for Safrah.
Client 1 (hadn't changed into her outfit yet!):
Client 2:
Client 3:
As usual it was lovely helping prepare these girls for a fun colourful wedding (I love weddings!)
Which look do you like best? Would you try any of these?



  1. Wow! Such wonderful work! I really love your blending on the first lady, but also the hairstyles! I hop ethey. Had i real good time!
    And also, thanks for your vote on us, and if you think we're worth it spread the word!! /Azure

  2. Beautiful makeup as always! I'm really loving the hair too!

  3. LoveloveLOVE Client 1's eyes. It's a mix of aqua, sea green, it is absolutely stunning. xx


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