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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

It's not often I do hair posts (as I wear a scarf) but recently I had a fringe cut and I've noticed that my hair has become oilier a lot faster!
Before the fringe I'd had my hair somewhat ombre'd and the bleach made the ends of my hair quite dry so to avoid drying my hair too much I've been using Batiste dry shampoo to freshen up the roots without affecting the ends. 

I've tried the normal Batiste sprays before and found that they can leave a white-ish tinge to my hair, even when rubbed in and brushed.. so I thought I'd try the Hint of Colour (dark and deep brown) and Sexy & Glam Gold Shimmer.
The Gold Shimmer smelled pleasant enough and as with all Batiste sprays I shaked and sprayed from around 30cm away, massaged in and comb/ brushed out. The gold shimmer dispersed nicely however I found it got everywhere; clothes, hands and body.. a plus point if you'd rather look like a Christmas tree or are going to a party!
Here's the spray swatched:
Freshly sprayed
After a couple seconds
Rubbed across the hand
As you can see, when freshly sprayed you see all the glitter then a couple seconds later you see the shampoo-powder ingredient. After massaging/rubbing in the glitter is dispersed as is the shampoo ingredient.

The Hint of Colour is very similar (minus glitter of course!) but with a slight tint. I sprayed it quite near to the skin as it wouldn't show up further away and as you can see, the same shampoo-powder ingredient shows up:
Once massaged in, the white shampoo-powder no longer shows and hair is pleasantly freshened with no oiliness visible.

I prefer the Hint of Colour better than the Gold shimmer, simply because it's less obvious for everyday wear (with no glitter all over the face and clothes!)

Have you tried any Batiste products before? Which would you recommend?



  1. I liked the description of the shampoo, if possible, I will definitely try a new preparation for myself. In this hairdresser, the master also advised me to try dry shampoos, but I prefer traditional ones.

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