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Thursday 21 October 2010

Even though I've been ill the last couple days, I've still managed to play with makeup (much to my husbands surprise!) It was just a false lashes tryout really (Harare by Sleek), with a bit of eyeliner and red lips.

Here's a list of products used:

> Sleek ink pot
> Sleek "Harare" eyelashes
> Dior Show black mascara (not in pic)
> MAC select moisturecover concealer in NC35

> Clinique blush in "sunset glow"
> UD lip liner in "gash"
> Vaseline!

I used the ink pot on the top eyelids, then applied the eyelashes, going over the lashes with the inkpot again. I then finished the eyes with under eye concealer and mascara to bond my lashes with the false ones as much as poss (although it didn't quite work!).
For the lips, I used UD lip liner Gash all over the lips, with Vaseline on top. For the cheeks Clinique Sunset Glow was used, a subtle blush to compliment the red lips.

Et Voila!

A simple but effective used by many celebrities, dunno if it worked for me though, cos my eyes are all red from being ill & streaming lol!



  1. i love your eyeliner you look so beautiful here mashallah xx

  2. =) thanks babe, its with that dried up Sleek!
    eyelashes didnt go on so well but gna keep practising, then I'll almost be as good as u ;)

  3. Looks great! I wish I looked that good when I was sick!

  4. Sexy!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. oh wow it looks great!! im loving this post, everything here is amazing :) keep up the amazing work <3


  6. @sarah lol!! well luckily you can't see how terrible I did look, esp when you have a never ending supply of bogies lol ekh! gettin better though =D

    @marie & victoria, thanks!! =)


  7. This is a very gorgeous look. Very glamorous too. A pin up look indeed.

  8. I like the red lip... very glam! x

  9. Lovely! I adore the blush and lips. ♥


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