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Tuesday 12 October 2010

I'm not really a nail polish person, barely wear it, even though I have quite a few colours. One polish that excited me earlier this year (and two weeks ago) was the lovely brand: Del Sol. Now it's not readily available in the UK, but it was on the exclusive website () back in June this year, so I was intrigued & bought one: Ruby Slipper. It's a glittery silver clear polish, that changes to red in the sun. I had lots of fun in Summer shoving my hands in and out the car window and my fascination still hasn't died down. Except that there's barely been any full on sunny days lately in London, so that's a dampener.
Then, two weeks ago whilst walking past my favourite glittery stand in Selfridges (Jinny Rainbow), I spotted them and it was quite a selection! I decided to go for a clear nailpolish (Peek-A-Boo), which changes to a pinky-red in the sun.

Since there was a bit of sun in London today, I quickly donned the nailpolishes to see the colour change, but it only changed a little (as expected) cos I wasn't even in direct sunlight (I just stuck my hand out the window).
Here's a before (Peek-A-Boo & Ruby Slipper alternated):

And the after(sun):

In direct sunlight it goes darker still and I love how it fades when your indoors!

Another NOTD look is from the infamous Barry M instant nail effects. Either I don't know how to put it on, or it just doesn't go with the Marvala nail polish I used underneath, but I just am not impressed by it. It's looked great on some of the posts I've seen, but I wasn't too phased by it when I did start seeing it. The only thing that made me buy it was the fact that many people were blogging that it was out of stock where they shopped. This was the case at Superdrug, however Boots had 3 in stock so I bought two of them (just in case I liked it). But I don't! I might hold on to the one I used, but I'm thinking of giving it away to my cousin who's a nail fanatic.. the other one I may aswell give away!
When I get to 55 followers I'm gonna have the giveaway, just dunno how yet!
Here's how it looked on top of Mavala "berlin":

If anyone knows where I'm going wrong with this application, please do tell!!


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  1. Ruby Slipper looks pretty!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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