Girls night (Pt II)

Saturday 2 October 2010

These were the looks I tried on my 2 cousin in laws & sister in law..

Exhibit 1: Cousin J: Manly 120 palette, Sleek Glow bronzer, Dior Iconic mascara.

Exhibit 2: Cousin Z: UD BOS II - Sphynx & Ecstasy, MO Black Knight & Purple Princess glitter eyepencils, Debenhams own brand blush & Diorshow mascara.

Exhibit 3: Sis in law Y: Manly 120 palette, MO black eyeliner, eyelash curlers, Dior Iconic mascara. Debenhams OB lipgloss.



  1. OOooOh i love them all esp Exhibit 1 :)


  2. Good! My favourite look is the first!...
    but also the last is very well done, particular and gorgeous!
    Compliments! ;)

    Ambra Beauty

  3. :D thanks girlies!
    I think the manly palette actually outdid the urban decay one :O
    I'd never usually try yellow out, but my sis in law (exhibit 3) has pale skin so it suited her a lot!

  4. You should start charging lol my fave is the last one, looove those colours and the blending is top notch :] I don't mean to be a nosy parker but I couldn't help wondering where your in-laws are from country wise? you can tell me where to stick it if i'm prying lol xxx

  5. lool! naa u ain't prying, theyre proud Moroccans ;) ur Algerian right?? xx

  6. aaaah, so where r u from?! and yep, i'm a little algeriana haha xxx

  7. well i dunno if i look it but my grandparents are indian.. so that makes me indian! lol my mum was born in kenya, dad from mauritius, me london.. but i still call myself indian coz thats my roots no?! *confused*

  8. haha, ok so both sets of grandparents are indian? if that's the case then're a spicy little indiahna with a tropical twist lol

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