Friday 8 October 2010

Yesterday I popped out for a bit down the local high street and saw two interesting things!
First up, I was in Primark, and found a sneakily familiar/similar looking packaging to something I already own:

I was surprised not to find the eyeshadow colour being called "stocking" or some other such cat of the urban decay one! I asked if there were any more but there wasn't, so I took it to the till to pay the bargain of "£2.00" on the label... only to find it had gone down to 50p!! I was in shock.. Then again it WAS Primark, so I thought the quality's probably terrible.
Came home and before I went bed last night I remembered my little bargain and tried it out. Only to find it was actually quite a soft eyeshadow, almost as smooth as the Deluxe UD fishnet I have. And although it isn't two tone like fishnet, I must say it's a pretty good dupe. Even hubby agreed that they both looked nice (on my hand), when asked which looked better.

My other find was something every woman (and man) has owned and probably still does own; Vaseline. 
Ever since Vaseline launched the green tin (aloe vera) when I was in school, then the yellow and then the pink, I have been up to date and ahead of all of them, with a mate from school. But I hadn't realised Vaseline had come out with yet another edition: Cocoa Butter. Yes, the lovely smelling cocoa butter and after trying it last night, it feels smoother/more melting than the original Vaseline which is a lovely feeling. 

I must admit the packaging in brown isn't all that great looking, but it's Vaseline, so it's the product people love, not the packaging!



  1. pretty colours!!

  2. Beautiful shades and yes, Vaseline is Vaseline!:D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. but the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Balm is still the best cocoa butter lip product out there...

  4. you too Marie!

    And I don't doubt that the Palmers one is the best... I may just go and buy one!

  5. Primark does some lovely makeup. Not everything is really good, but you can find real gems in there!


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