Manly pink-purple look

Tuesday 5 October 2010

After my last blog post, using the Manly 120 palette on my inlaws, I decided to try the pinks and purples of the palette on my own eyes, seeing as they're my favourite colours!

For this look I used:

> Elf mineral primer
> Manly 120 palette (pinks & purples & white for brow bone)
> UD 24/7 eyeliner in "zero"
> MAC rapidblack penultimate eyeliner
> Eyelash curlers
> Dior iconic mascara
> MAC select moisturecover (concealer) in NC35
> Illamasqua blusher in "hussy"
> Sleek pout polish in "pink cadillac"

I started with the light pinks using the MO shading brush in the inner corner of the eye, followed by a light purple on the middle of the eyelid, to the outer corner. For the brow bone I used the light pink again, along with the white (in the top left corner of the palette). I then used a dark purple with the MO blending brush for the crease, blending upwards and also using along the bottom of the eye. I kept blending until the colours became a gradient, with a smooth appearance. Compared to Urban Decay colours, I must say that these seemed less pigmented/vibrant than I'm used to; I found myself adding more pink as it felt too light.
I lined the eye with UD Zero eyeliner, and MAC penultimate liner. The MAC liner seemed a bit tricky for me, making my eyeliner look a bit juddery, possibly because the tip is very very thin.. Then again, it was my first time using this liner so I hope to improve!
After using MAC select moisturecover (which I LOVE btw!), I curled my lashes & added two coats of Dior Iconic mascara.

For the rest of the face, I used Illamasqua Hussy blush using my Elf angled brush, on the apples of my cheeks.

I then chose a different colour pink for the lips: Sleek Pink Cadillac pout polish.



  1. I love pinks and purples! This looks gorgeous, very well blended :] we need to have a natter on msn man lol do u have messenger? and the other half of me is spanish :] huggles xxx

  2. aww thanks! and msn doesnt exist on any computer in this household, would you believe?! im on facebook.. not sure how i private message you on here though! :S xx

  3. p.s. spanish is sexyyyy! i'd love to speak it, suchh a sexy language too! xx

  4. haha! yeah, msn didn't exist here either up until a couple of months ago lol I've only got two people on mine, nadz and laus fellow bloggers. The reason I got it was because it made talkin to them a lot easier than going back and forth on comments.
    and LOL I can hardly speak spanish, only a teensy bit, I'm a north african at heart <3 xx

    do you wear hijab? xxx

  5. OMG you're right!
    Apart from my old camera, I think that since it's a tinted balm it changes depending on your natural pigmentation underneath.
    Btw you are amazingly beautiful!

  6. This is beautiful! Thanks for following!

  7. cute look!!! very cute blog!! check and follow mine.

  8. @carmen: yea I know what you mean, seems a bit long on blogger! Hubby says theres no use for it though, so I've listened LoL!
    and yes i doo (u must have spotted the badly airbrushed hijab on a couple pics no?!)

    @lydia, ooh that's interesting, maybe its coz my lips are naturally a bit darker, so the pink cadillac doesn't show up as much.. raspberry souffle does though!

  9. LOL that's why I never had msn! Hubby put a whopper of a red cross on it up until he saw a made a couple of girly friends haha

    aww masha'allah :D I wish I knew u in real life man lol xx

  10. Lol! North African men eh?! :P
    Aww dno how else aside frm email n Facebook.. Which is good for you??! Xx


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