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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ok, most of us beautyholics have meeelions of makeup, most of mine have been stashed in drawers, near the mirror, in bed storage, on the dresser, you name it I'll store it there (just ask my disgruntled hubby)!
So it was a godsend when my aunt's belated wedding pressie came last week: "monaco" from, a large trolley, with lots of compartments!

Above is the full trolley, with a seperate lid for when the top bit is detached:

I actually use this top bit for my everyday makeup, as well as storing my 4 book of shadows AND 2 Ed Hardy palettes, along with my everyday single eyeshadows, mascaras, liners, etc.
Here's how it looks with the everyday box on top:

And with my stuff in! (longways):

I've seen blog posts on other makeup storage, but I'm happy with mine for now (although there's still some spare makeup in my bed & a drawer or two) ;)



  1. I have a metal block case with a strap, as I try to keep things simple when on location. Then lots of makeup in boxes and bags. My bf calls it my shit. Lol. How rude! ♥

  2. I love how this was a wedding present!!! It makes me want to have an actual wedding te-hee :)


  3. @heli: even the small (monaco) case is enough to store a lottt of makeup!

    @hannah: ahh my hubbys the same, cept he calls it "makeup crap" lol

    @eva: my aunt is soo nice and thoughtful, she buys every newly wed bride one of these, but she got me a bigger one cos she knows I wanna be a makeup artist =)
    get married!! lol


  4. I want one too, this is great!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. i neeeeeeed one of these!!!!!!!!!!!! x

  6. i really need one of these, my makeup is stored all over my room is so annoying =(

    xxx Vee

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