Sleek ink pot

Monday 18 October 2010

I bought the Sleek Ink Pot and it's apparently a dupe for MAC fluidline (check the dupe list post before). Thing is, I've not actually bought MAC fluidline before, only swatched it on my hand in store and wasn't too impressed by it so I didn't buy. But seeing as many people use cream/gel eyeliner and swear by it, I thought I'd give it a go.

The Sleek "ink pot" gel liner comes in a frosted pot with a dinky little liner brush and is "waterproof & long-lasting". I tested this statement in the bath and I must say: it IS waterproof & long lasting (and this was after a few facial washes)!
I tried the gel liner with the included brush & my Models Own (angled) liner brush:

When swatched on my hand below, the Sleek mini liner brush didn't seem as good in giving colour towards the end of the line as my MO brush. But I later tried it on my eye and in actual fact the Sleek brush was better in colour and more precise. Here's the swatches on my hand:

The top line is done with the Sleek brush & the bottom with the MO brush which came out thinner on my hand that on the eye.

Verdict: It's a cute little eyeliner pot and for a first timer of gel liners, it's pretty easy to use and looks lovely. I'd recommend it as a cheaper option, whether it's like the MAC fluidline, I do not know as I can't compare!



  1. Delicous, put it on so I can see! ♥

  2. Ah, I've just started using cream/gel liners myself and I must say I'm a convert! And like you, I find the brushes that come with the pots actually very good at applying the liner! Are you going to try other colours now? :) x

  3. will do hannah!!

    & Anna, yesss, I've been tempted to try the ELF ones that have come out recently.. just need to wait til payday ;)

  4. Looks good!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. I should have picked it up when i was in london!
    I saw a modern version of the femme fatale look in a magazine a few days ago. it was soo stunning. Get well!
    I always wear colour when i have the time to do a real eyeshadow look, so stepping out of my comfort zone would be using browns and golds. might give it a try!

  6. i bought this too u no and when i got home to try it out and when i opened it it was like a dried up PRUNE lol but i got too lazy to return it i wonder if i can put something with it to make it momre runny hmmm

  7. oh never mind lol i just put rubbing alcohol with it it did the trick ignore me lol x

  8. lol i was actually gonna say that cos I read your post about your broken MAC.. hmm seems alcohol is pretty useful!
    Do you have MAC fluidline? leme know if they're similar =D

  9. I have Mac fluidline and this Sleek gel eyeliner and to be honest there really isn't much difference pigmentation wise. I've noticed that Mac lasts longer but if you're not that fussed it's worth going for Sleek and saving yourself around £8?

  10. thats great! tbh, the sleek one I have did the job just fine when I was in the bath, and i wore it all day yesterday at work (a 9.5hour shift!!) and it still stayed on by the end of the night! so yes for a saving of 8 quid it's worth it then, esp if it lasted me pretty well =D


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