Barry M competition ends tonight!!

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Tonight I will pick a winner for the Barry M competition, so any last entries can still be entered up till midnight (London time). I tried out my polish again, this time over budget Debenhams own brand polishes:

and here's how they looked:

For the thumb I used the lighter Red Herring pink nail polish (out of the packet). For the index finger I used the darker pink, the middle I used the red polish from the pack. Ring finger in picture one is the purple polish (gold for second pic) & finally the turquoise on the pinky =)

In the second picture I added another coat of Barry M to the middle finger as it was a little too thin on one side in the first pic. Don't do this! You don't get the same broken effect, it's not as widely cracked as just one coat.

Anyway, hope this helps with the winner of the polish tonight, good luck to all of you! =)



  1. Funky monkey! ♥

  2. your posts are great!
    Yeah, i really got inspired by an ad i saw in vogue. I think il post a look on it super super soon, its lots of browns and golds :-)
    i will, for sure!


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