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Thursday 7 October 2010

So I went Leicester over the weekend and saw the blue Ed Hardy in the London equivalent of the perfume shop- "the fragrance shop".
I saw it on offer for half price: £14.99! Of course I was tempted to buy it, but I decided to not just impulse buy for once.. Only to come back half an hour later and buy it!
So here's the two side by side:

And alone:

The colours in this palette are blue-grey, reminds me of denim blue, and the face "bronzer" is more of a highlighter for me.. or maybe a bronzer for REALLY light skin tones! It's defo lighter than the pink Ed Hardy color palette though and has less shimmer, as you can see in the swatches pic below.

The eyeshadows are ok, not too great to be honest, there's a lot of fallout in the glittery ones (grey-blue, white silver & golden), but they're pretty colours nevertheless, so I'd still use them!
The lip colours (3 on the right of the palette pic; coral, red, purple) in this palette are decent in giving colour, although a bit drying on the lips, whereas the lipglosses (3 on the left; red, pink & golden) are non-sticky and feel good on the lips. My favourite colour has got to be the coral, but maybe it's just because it's starting to appeal to me more and more of late!
Here's a swatches pic:

Just to confuse you, I've swatched the colours backwards on both pics.. doh! Above pic: left to right: 3 lip colours (right to left on the palette pic), then the 3 lip glosses!
The palette comes with two double ended brushes: one for the lips & one for eyeshadows, as well as a blusher brush. The same two Ed Hardy solid perfumes are included in this palette as with the pink palette: Love Kills Slowly & Love & Luck.
All in all, it's not bad for £15, I'd certainly like it as a gift from someone!



  1. I love Ed Hardy.
    i never knew Ed HArdy have make up!!!
    learn something today.
    well.......done keep it up

  2. the blue one is adorable. it has gorgeous shades


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