Thursday 7 October 2010

Although I have two makeup looks to blog about, more important news has pushed its way forward...
My MAC order has just arrived in the post, I was excited as soon as I knew it was the delivery man... I think I even let out a small squeal after I signed for it (I don't think he heard me).
Anyway, my hubby thinks I'm nuts cos I've bought a lot of makeup recently.. but this is something I just haddd to have (despite being broke so early on in the month!)
So here's my order:

> Cruella "wicked ways" lipglass
> Evil Queen "toxic tale" lipstick (<3)!!
> Maleficent "she who dares" eyeshadow
> Dr Facilier "i'm so vain" mirror

I just added the mirror as I was close to free delivery and thought: why the heck not, I can always sell it later if I don't have use for it!
Here's swatches I just did:

I've never tried any MAC lipglosses before, so I found the Cruella "wicked ways" lipglass way too sticky for my liking unfortunately, although I am loving the colour.. But stickiness is a big no-no for me, so I might just sell it or give it away seeing as I don't see myself wearing it =(

I do however love the Evil Queen's "toxic tale", it's probably something to do with my recent infatuation with coral. I've just tried it on my lips and it does look kind of fluorescent, but that's if I put a lot on. A little blended down and it looks pinky-coral.. still a beautiful colour! It's quite matte, but not drying so I'm happy with this =)

The Maleficent "she who dares" mineralize eyeshadow duo reminds me of the new UD "black" palette or Too Faced baked eyeshadows; a black matte shadow under a glittery colour, which in this case, is a midnight blue and potion green! I love it, it will defo come in handy for a smokey look =)
As I said above, the Dr Facilier mirror is just an added bonus, either to give away or sell, I'm undecided at the mo!

I'm happy I finally got some of the Venomous Villains collection though, it's been too long I've been waiting and now my appetite has been satiated (until the next shiny new product comes out)!

P.S. I have two looks coming up, both from the Manly 120 Palette and I'm not sure which to blog about first! One is a bright green look, the other is a brown/neutral look.. which should I do first??



  1. Yay!! VV Goodies! It's ok, my husband thinks I'm crazy too. Oh well! So glad you got Toxic Tale. I want to see looks!

  2. Wow.....i'm looking forward to your next blog on Mac.

  3. I want Snow whites evil step mothers lipstick now!! Lol! ♥



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