Wonder Woman NOTD

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Here's the Wonder Woman NOTD I did on Thursday, I'm no nail technician but I do love funky nail designs, so this is my attempt.

Products used:

> Debenhams OB red nail polish (or any red nail polish!)
> 2True (Superdrug brand) navy/blue nail polish
> Claire's Accessories gold 2 way nail art pen & brush
> Andrea Fulerton nail glitter in blue 

First I coated the nails with the red polish and waited for them to dry fully. Once dried, I added blue/navy tips, fairly thicker than a french manicure-type tip. Whilst still wet, I dusted the Andrea Fulerton nail glitter (you can use any fine glitter you have), followed by the gold nail art pen in a strip between the glitter tips and red nails. Et...

Hope you like, it's nothing spectacular, but my efforts! Have a lovely weekend =)



  1. I love this!! You did a fantastic job!

  2. wow this looks super cute and easy to do :)
    might try it myself sometime!!

  3. omg that is awesome, so creative, I love it xxx

  4. awwwww your nails are so pretty! :3

  5. That look really good I like it :)

  6. thank you all! I tried :$
    glad you like it =)


  7. You wouldn't believe how much I love this!
    So so fab and creative :)

    Fee x

    Great post!


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