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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hello my lovelies! So here's the haul I got from the IMATS on Sunday; it's a lot of bits and bobs and just things that took my fancy/things I had on my list.

First up though, I'd like to talk about Sleek. The stand was great, lots of offers, 3 for 2, 10 for £10 on eyeshadows and so on, which was great, but I was hoping for a bargain like what I got at the Clothes Show London last year (see here for my post on it). Nevertheless, it was still a bargain on most items, although my cousin wanted the Rose Gold blush, and even though we checked back at the stand with promise of a delivery, it never came into fruition *sad face*.
Anyway, I was intrigued by a private bit behind the front stand, where there were seats and cute little cakes and found out that it was Sleek's "Spotlight Programme", which is Sleek's Pro Membership programme. 
Thankfully, the programme is also open to beauty enthusiasts and bloggers starting from 50 followers, so I signed up for it. The benefits listed on the booklet handed to me include:
  • discount on Fixx products and Sleek's Professional Range/tools
  • first peek and/or sampling of new product launches
  • opportunities to join pilot groups
  • opportunity to become a brand ambassador
  • access to private Limited Edition Sale Days
  • and more
I spoke to Jodie who explained that she's the person who tweets for Sleek (here). She was a lovely bubbly girl who clearly loves Sleek and was very passionate about the products. She explained the manuals that are available for Spotlight members, which include:
Manual A - Powders and Highlighters; £160, Spotlight member price- £120, event/IMATS special price- £96:
I have to say, this is my favourite of all the manuals, it has the most exciting and best Sleek products in it, including the lovely Rose Gold. However, by the time we had come to this stand I had already gone over my budget, so unfortunately I wasn't able to get it, which is a shame cos I would have got it for £96 as opposed to £120 now.

Manual B - New Skin Revive Liquid Foundation; £65, Spotlight member price- £50, event/IMATS special price- £40:
This manual I actually bought, because I do need different foundation colours for when I do makeup on others, particularly on my friends with darker skin tones. Sleek have a decent range aswell for black skin tones, whereas other brands can give an ashy/grey tone to dark skin. It's perfect for me as the sizes are small, but enough for a couple applications of a certain skin tone and refills are available on the Sleek website, should I run out of a certain colour. The manual contains 27 shades of foundation.

Manual C - Creme to Powder Foundation Part 1; £160, Spotlight member price- £120, events/IMATS special price- £96 (top manual in picture below):
This manual contains 18 full size shades of the Creme to Pwder foundations, whilst 
Manual D - Creme to Powder Foundation Part 2 contains more "rarer" skin tone colours, from very light (linen) to very dark (coffee bean). Part 2 costs £118, Spotlight member price is £80, and event price is £64.

Sleek also sell a Professional Brush Kit with a complimentary brush belt to put it all in, which is £160, Spotlight member price is £120, and event price is £96. However I don't think the quality is up to scratch, based on my little brush set I got in the goodie bag from the Clothes Show; hair fallout was occurring too much and also the brush softness was not the best. I did feel the brush set at the IMATS however, and they seemed a tad softer, but I already have enough brushes and didn't want to risk spending this much on a set that may have hair fallout.

One thing that was exclusively available at the IMATS was the Primer i-Divine palette, a cream shadow palette which will be released on the 16th February. I didn't buy it however coz I'm not generally a fan of cream shadows, whether stated as crease free or not!
Here's a pic of it, courtesy of Mrs Sparklz and Shine:

On to the rest of my haul:
Top pic: I bought two more pout polishes- Perfect Plum (left) and Chocolate Kiss (right). I think I almost have the whole collection of pout polishes!

Also, I visited the OCC stand, who were offering 3 lip tars for £20 (or £7.50 each if I remember correctly!). I bought white ("feathered"), neon pink ("anime") and coral red ("harlot"), white for mixing of course, or for makeup artistry I want to try out.

Right at the front of the show was the brush company Royal & Langnickel, where I bought the hot pink brush zip up wallet, which was a 13 piece brush set. They had a synthetic set in the same wallet type (or wraps in both the natural & synthetic brush sets), but I tend to prefer natural brush hairs than synthetic.. most synthetic brushes I've tried before have been better for liquid/cream shadows/concealers rather than powder eyeshadows. The brush set was £20, and I was happy with the quality of the brushes.. I'll review the brushes after a couple uses though! One brush it doesn't have however is a lip brush, which is unusual!
I also visited the Crown brushes stand coz I've heard their brushes are good. I picked up the Royal & Langnickel set first so I only picked two full size brushes in light pink, a mini fan brush & a thick eyeshadow blending brush (similar shape to my MO one). I also picked up a 5 piece mini travel set (£5), which does contain a lip brush(!), a powder dome, angled liner, shadow fluff brush and a brow brush/comb.

At the NYX stand I picked up "the makeup box" for £10 which contains 16 eyeshadows, 3 blushers and 4 lip colours, with mini applicators.
This should be good for travelling, although when I tested it out on my cousin the colours I used didn't seem very pigmented. I'll have to try it out on myself to see, with proper primer though! 
I picked up Ben Nye grande colour refills in "cosmic blue", "royal purple" which were the only colours left by Sunday, as well as "cherry red". They were £2 each so I bought the Cosmic Blue & Royal Purple, and the lovely lady added Cherry Red in for free =D
Can't wait to see what they look like!

Finally, we visited the Charles Fox stand(s) where lots of lovely stage/theatre makeup was sold. I wanted to try out something Kryolan, and they were selling things with 20% off retail price, so I bought an emerald green glitter along with the Kryolan eyeshadow base that was recommended.
Here's a pic of why I was drawn to the stand:
(my emerald colour is on the far right of the pic!)

So there's my haul, I have a lot of makeup looks to do now with all these products I've accrued and to make things worse I've gone and ordered the UD 15 year anniversary liner set! UD have also released information on their facebook page of new palettes coming soon which I'm not as excited about, however time will tell!



  1. great haul! i know it's a long shot, but i hope sleek sells their products in vancouver when imats rolls out in july :)

  2. you never know dani! Khuraira cosmetics saw my comment on another blog, and sent me products from US, so Sleek may read your comment. Try emailing them to ask maybe?? =)


  3. Wow great haul, the Kryolan stand looks so pretty, I have one of their cake eyeliners they are really good! Gloria x x x

  4. I can't believe I missed IMATS =( !!!


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