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Wednesday 23 February 2011

No I'm not talking about the Rock's return to wrestling (you'll only get that if your partner annoyingly watches it!); I'm talking about my UD 15 year anniversary set finally arriving on Saturday.

Before I show you pictures of it, I'd just like to rant about the crappy service I got for this particular order.
I ordered the set on 1st February, waiting eagerly for it to arrive every day. But after a week of it not arriving (but baking trays that I had ordered AFTER it arriving), I phoned to ask about the whereabouts of it. I was told that it should arrive by Friday 11th, but that if it hadn't arrived by Wednesday 16th, I should call. 
First of all I thought it should defo not take up until 16th, but I waited patiently, only for it to not arrive on the 16th. 
On phoning this second time, I was told that it will be investigated and someone will call within three days, which meant Monday 21st at the latest. I expressed how desperately I had been waiting for this order and how terrible it is to have to wait this long. They apologised and said the fastest way it can be dealt with is within 3 days, but the sets were in stock, so I could order another one (which I did, just in case).
Luckily I received a voicemail the next day (Thursday 17th), saying that the order was "lost in transit" and that I would be refunded. I was heavily disappointed with the way it was dealt with, as all my friends and blog followers should know, I am a huge UD fan but to have my order cancelled like that and not even sent out another one, I was really disappointed. I've written a complaint email to them, to which they only responded with a "sincere apology", but in all honesty I don't think that's enough. I'm not usually one to complain, but when I had been waiting for over 17 days for an order I was excited about, it's really not on. Especially when orders taking over 10 days should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Anyway, my second order came fast (well it had better!!), it came on Saturday so I finally managed to get my hands on it.
And I have to say I'm in love with it, just like I knew I'd be.
15 pencils and a sharpener stamped with UD15, with 6 exclusive shades:
Stray Dog (taupe), Corrupt (chocolate brown with very tiny gold flecks), Midnight Cowboy (beige/champagne), Asphyxia (two toned pink-blue), Uzi (gunmetal grey) & Perversion (blacker than Zero black!)

Here's a pic of the UD15 stamped pencil compared to a normal 24/7 pencil:

I have a few of the others in minis from the Super Stash mini set (Binge, Rockstar, Ransom, Binge, Corrupt & Stash), so I have almost half of this anniversary set, but they are miniatures and I am a collector, so it's all justified. Plus my husband got this set for me as a gift =)

Here's some pics of my set, although for even better pictures, check Temptalia's page here.

And my swatches:
Left to right; top row: Midnight Cowboy, Baked, Stash, Mildew
second row: Stray Dog, Corrupt, Bourbon, Rockstar
third row: Electric, Binge, Ransom, Asphyxia
bottom row: Perversion, Zero, Uzi

The two blacks side by side- left Zero, right Perversion
The 6 new shades (with Zero for black comparison) 
Left to right; top row: Uzi, Stray Dog, Corrupt,
middle: Midnight Cowboy & Asphyxia,
bottom: Zero & Perversion
My thoughts:
Personally, as a huge UD fan, I love all their products, including this one. I do however find that a few of their newer shades (Asphyxia, Binge, Ransom from this set), don't have the same pigmentation as the other shades, and tend to come out lighter. My swatches above are swirled a couple times for these shades in particular, to get the full colour effect, but Asphyxia was so soft in colour that it smushed on the pencil nib mid-swatch!
I do however LOVE Perversion and have shown anyone I can the difference between Zero & Perversion. It's darkness is so mesmerising I absolutely love it and can see myself using it in makeup looks that have shimmery eyeshadows as Zero doesn't usually cut it on its own.
All in all, I'm pleased I got this collectors anniversary set (as I don't see non collectors/Urban Decay fans parting too quickly with £60 for this set really!) and I shall try encorporating it in FOTDs/makeup looks for you to see =)



  1. BEAUTIFUL swatches! That's too bad about the awful service. 17 days is a LONG time for an order.. I'm glad your second order came through without problems :)

  2. The comment about the Rock made me LOL My Fiance loves wrestling junk.
    Great swatches I think that the set is such a great Value... thats def on my Birthday wishlist :)

  3. i would've been up a wall, waiting that long for something that i'm excited over! what shoddy service, so disappointing.

    totally worth the wait though, looks like! i am so jealous, wish that someone would buy ME that set, lol. looooves it!


  4. this looks amazing!!!!

  5. @ susalie & vonnie - I know, tell me about it! They're lucky I have patience!

    And thanks everyone, I tried to swatch as best as I could, but hopefully its clearer what they'll look like in makeup looks =)



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