Tuesday Takeover: Truly Madly Beauty

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Today I've got a mani post from the lovely Aysha of Truly Madly Beauty who is my go to blogger to ask mani related questions; she suggested CND Airdry to me last for fast drying nails that don't smudge and I haven't looked back since!

Hope you enjoy her post below:

Two Tone Geometric Nails

Thank you Safiyah for asking me back to do a wee Takeover Tuesday post on her lovely blog for you! I've been a long term fan of this lady with her seriously impressive makeup skills & I'm looking forward to the day when she finally teaches me how to contour right! I came to the conclusion that I may have been doing it wrong all this time after my mother inquired if I'd been in a fist fight on account of the "bruising" on my face...hmm. O_o *cough*

Anyways, I digressed majorly there didn't I? If you're familiar with my blog at all you'll know that nail art is my passion. Today I have for you lovelies a quick & simple two tone geometric design using two polishes from Loreal's Color Riche range.

The shades I've used here are 242 Pink Pop, a yummy bright pink creme & 241 Cloud Wow, a pretty pale blue lavender creme. Both polishes were great to work with, smooth formula & quick drying & I love the brush that comes with these. Definitely helps with easy application. They're also contained in such cute dinky bottle packaging that they would be perfect to pop in the bag or take on holiday. This geometric design could not be more straightforward to create so here's a breakdown of the steps for you.

Grabbing your polish, apply one coat to the whole nail, I decided to alternate both shades.

Then using the alternate polish shade, apply a coat at a diagonal across just half of the nail. I use the brush that comes with the polish & apply free hand but you can use a thinner brush & fill in the rest if you find that easier!
Don't worry if your line is a tad wonky as the next step is to apply a thin white line across the diagonal where the two colours meet. I use the Models Own nail art pen in White as it has a thin striper brush end which is perfect for this & makes applying thin straight lines very easy.
Next grabbing a dotting tool, or if you don't have one then a simple bobby pin will suffice! Remember dolls nail art tools are NOT compulsory to create fun nail art! Use whatever is at your disposal! Dip the dotting tool/pin into some white polish & apply a row of dots along the edge of the white line.
The inner magpie in me loves adding a touch of sparkle to the nails so to finish the design I quickly added a dot of Models Own Southern Lights which is a disco of lilac tinted holographic glitter, super satisfying sparkles!

Finally after a bit of clean up if you have any polish spillages on the skin areas with a bit of acetone & a brush, apply a nice thick coat of topcoat to seal your design, I use CND Air Dry, quite possibly the best topcoat on the PLANET in my opinion (& I think Safiyah will agree with me here? ;) ) & that's it!  
Thanks for reading & I hope you liked the two tone geometric design lovelies! Feel free to pop over and say hello! You can come find me over at Truly Madly Beauty! Instagram: Aysh_xox Twitter: @Aysh_tmb 

Thank you again Safiyah for having me! <3


  1. This is so creative! loved reading this post and can I just say you have the prettiest hands ever!
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

  2. Gorgeous... Such a pretty manicure!!

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