Makeovers (again)

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Luckily for me, I have lovely volunteers for makeup every time I have family round, or whenever I want to practice makeup looks =)

Last week I had yet another sleepover, so here's the makeup looks I did on exhibit 1 (cousin J) and exhibit 2 (sis in law Y).

Exhibit 1; I did an artistic/arabian look, using icy colours from the 120 palette and glitter, particularly a glitter heart on the lips. Cousin J decided to take pictures with a niqab (veil) on too, so here's how they looked:

As for exhibit 2, I used my UD deluxe shadow box, and plain pink red herring lipgloss, with a bit of Sleek Pomegranate blush:

I also did a funky/arabesque makeup look on myself that night, but I'll try do a full FOTD post on it =)

Which do you like best again? Hope you like!



  1. exhibit 2 is gorgeous! both the model and the makeup ;)

  2. Both are such fun, love the playful colors! Now I want to come over for a sleep over as well LOL :-)

  3. love it! the first look is very black swan

  4. Love these looks.. both sets of eyes are pretty but the first eye is so sexy!

  5. Thanks everyone, the girls loved it :)
    And @dalaluz- lol if only!
    @dreamer & jillian, theyre both chuffed :D
    @David, I really need to see that! One of my friends suggested I do a makeup look from it, so ive done it without even knowing! :)



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