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Tuesday 11 February 2014

This weeks guest poster is the lovely Aysh from Truly Madly Beauty, who I've followed for a while now; I think we've both been blogging for around the same time in 2010 and I love her nail posts.. totally wish I could have the patience to do nails!

Revlon Sparkling Glitter Gradient

Well helloooo there lovely FrootiBeauty readers! How are you all doing? My name's Aysh & I blog over on Truly Madly Beauty :)
First things first, thank you so much to the lovely Safiyah for letting me loose on her blog today! It's such an honour as I absolutely adore this lovely lady's blog of which I've been following for yonks & am in complete awe of her make up skills. Its my wish to one day have my make up done by this talented lady! :D
Now whilst I love all things make up & beauty, if you're familiar with my blog you'll know that its nails that I am mostly passionate about & enjoy doing so I thought I'd share a quick little mani with you lovelies today! 
Whenever I'm stumped or lost for ideas/inspiration when it comes to nail art, I always like to go for a nice glitter gradient. Not only are they so easy to do, but its super quick, looks pretty & doing a gradient is a fab way of jazzing up an otherwise ordinary mani. Here I've used Revlon's Touch Of Mauve & Revlon's Sparkling for the gradient.
I started off with my base which was two coats of Revlon's Touch Of Mauve, a lovely pink based nude crème. I actually found this lovely in Poundland, which is one of my FAVOURITE little hunting grounds for polishes! I've found some right pretties in the past including Sally Hansen, OPI & Loreal so I definitely recommend you pop in to your local Poundland to see what treasures you can find!
Then for the gradient I used Revlon's Sparkling which is a lovely pale pink glitter made up of both small & large hexagonal glitters in a clear base. To begin the gradient its best to start off with just a little glitter on the brush, wiping off any excess on the bottle rim, then starting about three quarters of the way on your nail brushing upwards towards the tip.
Once you've done all ten nails, go back to the first with a bit more glitter & apply in the same way but this time starting from the middle. Depending on the denseness of the glitter used you can also go in for a third time, this time applying mostly on the tips, which I've done here.
Finish off with a nice thick coat of topcoat to shine & smoothen all that glitter & thats it! Glitter Gradient nails ready to go. Because of all the glitter layers, drying time may be a wee bit longer than normal but having a quick drying topcoat helps!

Hope you liked the mani lovelies! Thank you again Safiyah for having me on your blog today!
Lotsa love to ya!

Aysh xoxo 

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Instagram: Aysh_xox


  1. Very nice and classy manicure =)

  2. Ha I recognise those tasty talons anywhere! The longest nail beds in the beauty world! :D


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