MAC WonderWoman

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

As mentioned in my post last year, the MAC WonderWoman (WW) collection is almost here!!
I was in central London yesterday and popped into Selfridges where I found their screened off MAC stand..

The stand is opening tomorrow (Thursday 17th), so I'm gonna try popping down to see what it's about.. I did speak to one of their PR reps and she said it may be too busy to swatch, but I'll have a look and try =)



  1. Omg does that mean it is going national tomorrow? Or is it just promo? The woman in my Mac store told me it wasnt coming til end of March/April :(

  2. Your gonna love that collection!!! Amazon Princess is the shit!!! You have to get that one =)

  3. Can't wait to have a look at the collection :)

  4. @ Gloria, I dont think so, I think it's just a promo at Selfridges before it's launched, but I'll defo blog about it if I go!

    @ Priscilla thanks for the heads up, I'll keep an eye out for it =)

    @ Jessycalouise, i knowww, can't waittt!



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