Arabic Palette Look - Pink & Purple

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Soooo, here's the first of two makeup looks I did over the last couple days, this one is of my two favourite colours (Pink & Purple), whilst the next one is gonna be a (south) Asian wedding look I tried.

Here's the products I used for this look:
> Arabic Palette - Pinks & Purples and Navy colour
> Sleek Ink Pot 
> UD Ink for Eyes in Zero
> Khuraira ACC - in Light
> MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC35
> Khuraira Lash Lengthening Mascara (LLM)
> Illamasqua blush in Hussy
> Pixi lip blush in Beauty
> OCC lip tar in Anime

It's pretty simple, after adding UDPP, I applied a shimmery white colour from the Arabic Palette to the inner corners of the eyes and brow bone, followed by purple on the middle and outer corner of the eyelid. I then added pinks (a light pink and a little bit of darker fuschia) to the crease, blending up into the white brow bone and down into the purple eyelid. I added a bit of navy eyeshadow from the palette to the outer corners of the eyes, blending into the purple.
To line the top and bottom of the eyes I used UD Ink for Eyes, smudging the bottom liner. I then applied Sleek Ink Pot on the top liner to further darken.
After applying both Khuraira & MAC concealer, I applied the Khuraira LLM in zigzag motions.
As for the rest of the face, I decided to use my old and trusty favourite blush - Illamasqua Hussy powder blush, as it is pink and would go well with the eyes and lips. I chose to show off the Pixi lip blush in Beauty for the same reason; it was a nice shade of pink, brighter than the Pixi "Youth" lip blush. Again, my lips are very dark/pigmented, so these lip blushes don't show up as bright as they probably would on others.

As you can see, the eyeshadow colours from the Arabic Palette look very shimmery, so it's hard to get the actual look/colours properly, without the flash reflecting the shimmer. But the colours are lovely, aside from the grainy texture which can be hard to work with at times.
I decided to use the OCC lip tar in Anime (neon pink) to change the look a bit, making it more dramatic, so here's what it looks like:
And the lips alone:

Tip: I found that using OCC lip tars is very tricky and messy, so using a lip brush is a must and using very little product is best.
Also, using the lip tar alone for me, ended up with very unsightly looking bits of crust showing up on the lips, therefore I'd suggest using Vaseline as a base on the lips so that they are moisturised, then using OCC lip tar on top. This is what I followed for this makeup look; prior to this, I just made a mess and looked horrific!

Hope you like this look!



  1. I love this look! Anime looks great on your lips :)

  2. Your skin is peeeerfect! Loving the look here!

  3. @ Susalie, thank you! I love anime, luckily it's not too bright for me/I tone it down (but it can be brighter!)

    @ David, nooo Winter has played havoc with my skin, its so dry of late, far from perfect! But thanks =)


  4. Stunning! Love the eyes, this made me want to pick up that palette even more!

  5. So Pretty I love the colors with your skintone

  6. Ooo I love pink eye makeup... Don't have any eyeshadows this colour so I use blusher instead! x

  7. everything about it is spot the combination of colors


  8. @Kenzie - it's a lovely palette, wait till you see the next makeup look I did with it!

    @Jillian & Vonnie- thank you my lovelies!

    @Sami- that's a good idea actually.. Ive defo used eyeshadow for blusher before but not vice versa!



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