Tarte purchase (and swatches galore!)

Thursday, 29 December 2011

[picture heavy post!]
Last week I received a lovely order in the post from Beauty Emporium after I spotted Rachel of A Pretty Obsession with a Tarte palette - We Wish You Wealth. It looked amazing and seemed to have a lot in it, so I thought I'd treat myself and for 20 (£16.82) it was hard not to!
I also saw that she bought an EOS lipbalm from them too so I also bought one for myself aswell as I'd heard and seen a lot of these balms around; Summer Fruits wasn't in stock so I bought Sweet Mint for €5.75 (£4.84), which gives a lovely tingling sensation:
The palette itself is my favourite colour (purple) and in a cushioned case that swings out to three layers of products; 16 eyeshadows, 16 lipglosses, 4 cheek stains, 4 gel eyeliners, 3 lipsticks, a eyelid primer and a "luminizer" (which is their highlighter).
The eyeshadows are nice and soft.. pigmentation-wise, some are better than others (namely the shimmery ones are better than the matte), but there are some really nice unique shades in the palette too, like the peachy colour at the top and the bronze-gold and forest green. The swatches are corresponding to the four rows of eyeshadows:
 The first two in the above picture are of the same colour; except that the swatch on the left is over the tarte eyelid primer. There isn't much difference if I'm honest with you, except that it looks slightly pink-er (as the primer is a pinkish shade).
The second layer showcases the 16 lipglosses, here they are split into two:
I love the pink-peach colour at the bottom right corner, it's so gorgeous! Again, some were more sheer than others. Here are the swatches:
The next layer has a mixture of the eyeliners, cheek stains, lipsticks, primer and luminizer.
Cheek stain swatches:
 And slightly blended; they still leave a bit of sheen which I'm not too fond of:
The gel liners were quite disappointing as I expected them to be a bit more pigmented and really had to dig in with the included liner brush:
The luminizer however, was a lovely golden highlight colour, which I think would be suitable for tanned to dark skin.. I wouldn't really recommend for paler skin tones!
On the left is the luminizer more blended in, but still visible, on the right just a normal swatch.
Finally, the lipsticks were nice and pigmented, although all had a sheen to it (no matte colours). I do think the palette would have been better with more lip colours than lipglosses, but never mind!
All in all, I'm happy with my purchase, I've got almost every UD palette now and needed to find some new brands with decent soft colours and pigmentation and Tarte is a new favourite I think. I do need to get my hands on some more though, hopefully they become more available here in the UK!



  1. Looks good! Shame about the gel liners.

    I've been lemming one of those EOS lipbalms for a while now (just because they're adorable. That's my sole reasoning) but nearly £5 for a lipbalm that isn't a /seriously/ conditioning treatment for my lips...I dunno. Not sold yet. I'll probably cave and order one before long, though!

  2. @the students guide - lol yeah i hear you.. it does feel great on the lips though, I'd recommend the minty one too coz it gives a tingling sensation n tastes sweet =)

  3. Tarte products are really something I've wanted to try.
    But I feel the only rational thing for me is to stay away from eyeshadows, as I am a definite shadow junkie, and try to invest time and money into finding foundation and concealer that matches my skin. =) Buuuut this palette looks so darn pretty, oh so pretty.


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