MAC winter collection haul

Friday 18 November 2011

Hello my lovelies!!

If you've been following me on twitter (or instagram) you'd have probably seen me excitedly post up pictures of my MAC winter collection haul, which consisted of three things:

> Make It Perfect Special Edition Brush Kit
> Glitter & Ice lipstick in Such Flare
> Ice Parade: Warm Snowglobe Eyeshadow palette

Make It Perfect SE Brush Kit: 
I bought this kit as I have never actually owned any MAC brushes but always heard that the 217 is a great blending brush so I figured I'd buy this set as it was good value (and limited edition, which always is a plus!)
This special edition is described as: 
"a chic collectible. With their glittering clear-as-ice handles and see-through snowglobe-inspired bag, this set of the 167 SE, 168 SE, 239 SE, 217 SE and the all-white 212 SE is a must for your wish list!"
This set is quite cute, great to carry around with you or to take on short trips/holidays as they are travel sized. I'll be tweeting or possibly posting a review on how I got along with these brushes as I haven't yet used them!
As for the bag they come with.. it's a bit cheap looking but hey ho, its a set and at a semi-decent price so I can't expect better quality I guess!

Glitter & Ice lipstick in Such Flare:

This red lipstick is a matte, although as you can see from the swatch it has slight shine to it. It's described as a "true red" but has strong blue undertones to it.
Warm Snowglobe eyeshadow palette:
From the Ice Parade section of the winter collection.
 The Snowglobe on top of the palette:
The snowglobe's glitter settling after being opened:
I bought this palette after seeing swatches on as I've been disappointed before by eyeshadow pigmentation from MAC collections. The pigmentation looked decent enough from the swatches for this palette, whilst the others looked fairly meh. In fact I wanted to get the Sultry palette but seeing the swatches on Temptalia made me quickly change my mind.
I have to say that these palettes remind me of Clinique bonus time freebies so I'm a bit dissapointed at the size of the shadows as they are just about the size of my index finger (and I have small fingers!).
Pigmentation wise, I had to rub my fingers back and forth a bit to get a bit of real colour to swatch with, which was a bit disappointing, especially as I am used to the soft and very pigmented UD eyeshadows I've been using a lot of lately.
Here are the swatches of the eyeshadows, with their names:
My favourite shade has to be the Gaelic Gold; it reminds me a lot of UD deluxe shadow in Honey but with a slight rustiness to it.
Winterscape has to be the least pigmented shadow from this palette as I had to swipe a good few more times to get a swatch, more than the others.

I'll be sure to post a makeup look very soon, I know I've been a bit awful lately but I'll defo get my makeup pictures up even if it means no written tutorial!

Did you get anything from the MAC winter collection? If so, which other products would you recommend?



  1. That is such an awesome red lipstick! Love it!

  2. I love the winter packaging so envious!

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  3. The lippie and palette look beautiful! xx

  4. wow I seen the collection in person yesterday all so boyfriend was there too so I hope he got the hint for Christmas!

  5. loving the brush handles & the lippy

  6. Obserwuję i zapraszam do mnie :)

  7. I'm not too keen on this collection. It looks a little cheap... having said that, the colours on your palette look gorg x

  8. the red lippie really is a lovely one.. love the packaging especially!

    @adoreabubbles - thats the aim eh? haha he'll take a hint if he's smart ;)

    @sami it does look a bit cheap but i do like the lipstick packaging.. i'm a bit of a LE collector!



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