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Friday, 16 December 2011

For those of you following me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have already seen me getting excited over my mini Kiko cosmetics haul on Monday.
I thought I'd post some swatches and a short review on what I think of the products here, so those of you who've never tried the brand can see.

I only bought a blush palette (£21.90) and lipgloss (£3) and a single eyeshadow (£3) this time, but I'm eyeing up the eyeshadow palettes especially the bright coloured one.. maybe next time I go to a Westfield I'll buy it!
So here are the products:

I have to say the packaging for the face palette is nice and plush, reminds me of the newer UD Mariposa palette, except this ones better as it comes in a velvety pouch and the outer packaging is nice and two-toned purple. There's also a full sized mirror inside the lid, which is great.
And a closeup of the face palette; it consists of a nice matte bronzer, similar to my current favourite bronzer (UD Toasted). The top right has a nice shimmery highlighter (albeit a bit too chunky with the sparkles) and the blusher trio are lovely to wear singularly or altogether for a golden peachy pink glow:
The eyeshadow I chose was a white shadow with sparkle as it's a unique colour; the only ones I have similar would be UD's Polyester Bride or Uzi.. but Polyester Bride is more of an offwhite colour and Uzi has much more chunkier silver glitter.
 The swatches of all:
 The face palette swatches close up:
 And the lipgloss (129) and eyeshadow (169):
The lipgloss was a lovely pink toned red with golden sparkle in it, the colour caught my eye so I thought I'd buy it.. for £3 why not?! 
I do have to say that the wand does feel a tad weak, like it will break off if you use it too hard on your lips, so that's a downside to it. Other than that, it gives a great pop of colour to the lips, but I'd suggest wearing it over a lip tint/stain or lipstick for more impact.

The eyeshadow has great pigmentation, these swatches were without any primer on underneath (as usual) and you can see that the colour payoff is great. The shadow seemed more sparkly in store but I guess the tester was well used there, so I need to dig a little deeper for more sparkle! But for £3 again, the colour payoff you get for that price is amazing. My next purchase from Kiko will most probably be their bright eyeshadow palette!

I also popped into Lush on Monday, re-purchasing my favourite lip scrub in bubblegum flavour:
This scrub smells and tastes gorgeous (although I wouldn't recommend eating it!) and it's also vegan too. If bubblegum isn't your thing, they had a new green apple flavour one as well as their Sweet Lips and Mint Julips scrub.
The only downside to this scrub is you have to get your fingers in the tub, and if you like me scrub lips whilst washing the face, getting water in the tub melts down the sugar a bit so its not as effective =(
Other than that though, scrubbing lips is a joy with this fun and tasty lip scrub and I'd definitely recommend it.



  1. Ahhh since Kiko came into my life I can't stop buying the stuff! The current promotions with items for £3 is fab.

    I got that same red lipgloss - it's great for £3!

    I think the SAs at the Stratford branch recognise me now...!

  2. yay! I've been pushing KIKO for ages now! It is so great to see that an Italian brand is going that far!
    I love them!!! The face palette looks fab.
    I would like to see some pictures of the bronzer on you though ;)

  3. Oooo I've heard about KIKO and have yet to visit Westfield Stratford. Definitely a shopping trip is in order! The palette looks lovely!
    Sarah xoxo

  4. I didn't know that Kiko was sold in London too! I'm so proud that finally an Italian cosmetic brand has gone so far :D

  5. Cute things! I heard that you actualy can eat that lip scrub!

    care to follow?

  6. Great haul! I've never heard of the Kiko brand before, but the blush and the gloss look so pigmented and lovely!!

    Ooh~ I have pretty dry lips so maybe this lip scrub would be the answer for me. XD

  7. The lipgloss is really beautiful!

  8. @nazia - haha yeah I think i'll probably be a regular too eventually lol!

    @lydia - i'm glad i actually took the time to look properly in the shop, I didnt realise how good they are and how cheap! And yes I'll do a makeup look/FOTD soon don't worry ;)

    @Sarah - there's also a branch in the shepherds bush westfield too =)

    @Molkinaify - yep, as far as I know, the only two are in both Westfields (but there may be more?) it's a great brand I have to say =)

    @aly - yep I think you can eat it, but although it tastes nice, I'm not sure about eating jojoba oil just like that lol!

    @tiffyama - yep they're an italian brand, but I think they're slowly expanding, so i'm glad I discovered them!

    @Gaelle - it is defo a lovely colour and gives a nice sheer tint with a bit of sparkle.. great for occasions!

  9. I need that face palette in my life O____O


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