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Tuesday 28 February 2012

[picture heavy post!]
Hi there my lovelies!
As mentioned in the last post, I attended a great event hosted by Superdrug on Thursday with Numera, where we got to see some great new releases over the coming weeks.
I was welcomed with lovely service from the staff at Haymarket Hotel and after signing in took a quick sweep of the room to see what caught my eye.
There were many great brands there, some that I am familiar with: Sleek, Solait, Andrea Fulerton, MUA, FashionistA; and some completely new: Arora, Faux, Glam Republic and Simply Pure.

As I walked around the room, a nice lady approached me (can't remember her name unfortunately!) from Superdrug's own suncare brand Solait. We got chatting about SPF and also about my terrible reaction to Banana Boat's tanning oil last year and I was pleased to find they did tan-stimulating products with SPF too.. something I may have to give a try (and hopefully not react to).
I did get a Moisturising Lotion Spray Mist in SPF 15 in the goodie bag so will defo be trying that out when the sun pops out again.
I then had a look at some of the MUA Love Hearts range which I've seen so much about and totally love the concept.
Loving the purple shade!
I got Great Lips in my goodie bag =)
The full range of polishes and lip balms should already be available this February all at a steal of a price - £2 each!
Whilst we were looking at these, the company director Ana from We Are Faux lashes introduced us to her brand and we had a little chitchat about the brands handmade lashes inspired by music, fashion and art. The ones she wore were ever so nice and fluttery and she offered us a pair each, choosing Roux Sixteen for me.
My Roux Sixteen lashes
The range will be available in May and prices seem to start from £7.99

We found a great new bath & body brand Superdrug will be launching around April next; Arora. With its tantalising display of ingredients mimicking the fragrances, we were talked through the range Arora offer; body scrubs and butters, bath shimmers and shower nectars. 
I had a whiff of them all and have to say that my personal favourites had to be Sweet Vanilla and Coconut Crème. I reckon I would have liked the Chocolate Espresso too (the bath shimmer looked lush!) had it not have had the honey smell.. I'm not too keen on honey smells as you may know!
These bath products are priced at only £3.99 each, making them an affordable luxurious looking brand without the price tag.

Finishing Touches (Superdrug's OB nail art range) caught my eye next to the Arora stand as I've been trying to play around with my nails a bit of late. 
They had everything from my personal favourites of the minute - nail wraps/foils to stencils, glitter and more.

Next Numera and I decided to get our nails done by the Andrea Fulerton girls, so whilst I waited I went over to the Glam Republic stand where I saw the lovely Kaushal of BeautyFulfilled
She was so friendly and as gorgeous in person and explained about this great new concept of appliqué eyeliners that will be launching in May (£4.99 each or £8.99 for a double pack). I'd spotted a great glittery liner on the lady at Arora and then found out that it was in fact one of these stick on liners which was amazing! Kaushal herself was sporting a great velvet textured liner (which looked so classy) and she offered a glitter pair to me as I loved them so much.. Can't wait to try them and possibly do a makeup look with them ;)
Glitter liner has never looked so easy!
I have to say that I love the fact that they're so easy to use.. self adhesive so no messing around with glue, or having to have a steady hand which is something I get asked a lot about eyeliner/eyeliner techniques.   
I then had my nails done "frooti" style.. with the pretty "Popping Pastels" Spring range of Andrea Fulerton polishes which look ever so girly and not too pastel-ly for my skintone. A bit of Glitter puff dust was added to make them look even prettier:
My hand with a great swatch of the new Accessorize brow pencil haha
The colours from the range include: Jade (a minty green), Carrie (pink), Debbie (coral), Emma (Lilac) and Eugenie (blue), all of which are above and will be priced at £4.99 each.

Last but not least I passed the Sleek stand on the way out, which looked exactly like the stands in the Superdrug stores, showcasing the new Blush By 3 blush compacts (£9.99) as well as the even newer Face Form compacts comprising of contours and a blush. 
L- Medium, R- Light Face Forms.
These should be priced around the same price as the Blush By 3's (or less), so I can't wait to buy them once released!

So there you have it, I chose specific brands that interested me in this post but there were a couple of others there too like the new Elemis Fresh Skin (an offshoot of Elemis but aimed at younger skin), FashionistA (the custom design palettes that I'm dying to yet see fully!), Accessorize and Superdrug OB Simply Pure range.
Here's a couple more pics from the day:
FashionistA new bronzer range
Superdrug's OB dry shampoo range
Accessorize eyebrow pencil that seems pretty good!
All in all it was a great event, maintained by the lovely Haymarket staff who kept us fuelled whizzing around with drinks, mini burgers, fish and chips cones and more.
Can't wait for the next one!


  1. It was such a lovely event and I always have a great time when I'm with you - terrible two haha :P xx

    1. haha thanks gorgeous! touché, have a great time with you! <3

  2. So many lovely goodies and seems like minty green is definitely in this season - I am seeing it EEVRYWHERE.

    1. oh yes its a very "spring" colour isn't it.. fresh and all that haha x

  3. Love your snaps. Seems like you had a amazing time. How do you get invited to these kind of events?

    1. It was a great event, have to agree! And just contacting PRs about events/blogger lists hun =) x

  4. Looks like it was a great event! Shame I couldn't come, but from the pictures my favourite launch would have to be the Glam Republic appliqué eyeliners. Can't wait to try these once they are stocked in Superdrug =)

  5. I love the whole concept of the 'love hearts'! It's definitely an excellent selling point. cannot wait to check them out myself. Hanni xxx

  6. Hey hun I just came across your blog and I love it. New follower.
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  7. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Like a kid in a candy shop.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. hiya
    just to let u no,i have restarted my blog.sabina xxx


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