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Friday 9 June 2017

I recently discovered Nova Nails nail polish online after searching for a real "halal" nail polish.. something I've been looking for the last couple years actually, so I thought it would be perfect to try in Ramadan.

I have a couple Inglot O2M "breathable" nail polishes which are supposedly also halal but I've there's always a slight niggle that makes me worry that it's not fully halal so when I stumbled across these Nova washable nail polishes, I was over the moon!

Admittedly it comes with pros and cons, read on to see what these are and a demo video of how it works!

Nova Nails are an innovative water based nail polish brand... so all you need is water to wash these off!
I contacted them to see if they were available in the UK to which they said yes they will be launching in the UK soon and offered to send me samples which was amazing as I was planning on buying them anyway.

As mentioned, these do have their limitations, but before I go into it, let's have a look at the swatches and demo I filmed on my friend:
Sweet Almond (11)
French Connection (12)
Pink Peaches (70)
Are You Interested (22)

(video doesn't work in Safari for some reason, but does on Google Chrome!)

As you can see from the swatches, I've swatched all with both a single and double coat so you can see the opacity of each nail polish.

+ As you can see from the video, they don't completely come off if just ran under water, they need a bit of rubbing but I found they wash off much easier with warmer water.
+ Perfect for: Muslims who want to take nail colour off before praying, models for photoshoots, teachers, medical staff, kitchen staff, or for certain jobs you're required to wear nail polish/have presentable hands (like specific high end retail brands).

+ No parabens or harmful chemicals
+ No strong chemical scent; barely any scent

Pro & Con
+/- These can even wipe off with wet wipes - great if you have no access to water; not so great if you're changing nappies frequently haha!

- The lighter/nude shades aren't very smooth/opaque, they need two coats to show properly; French Connection was the streakiest.

- these are only good for super short term wear as they will rub off if nails get damp.

All in all, this can be faffy if you have no need for a non long lasting nail polish, but I think the major selling point for me was the fact I don't need to worry at all about my prayers being invalidated as they come off completely.

I'd say these would be better for toe nails (for summer) as they're less likely to be in contact with water (you don't wash your feet when you go toilet or wash dishes etc lol)

This works for me as I am not a fan of feet so anything to make them look pretty is a winner for me and nail polish usually helps massively; so I definitely would recommend them for Muslims in Summer who like to wear nail polish on their toes but hate having to take it off.

For hands however, although they're safer/chemical free, as a mum you're likely to be in constant contact with water/wipes therefore these will eventually rub off, so again I'd stick to using these on toes!

These are £9.99 each available from the Nova Nails website here.

Have you tried any halal nail polishes? Which would you recommend?
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  1. Yaaaay im the first to comment ��Whats better than nail polish u can wash ��������Amazing plus those colours look amazing thanks for all the details girl u rock❤️❤️

  2. Love the idea, but I'm still in love with my Little Ondine nail polishes. Something so satisfying about being able to peel off your nail colour. Satisifes the inner child in me 😂

  3. Ooooh what an interesting concept! And I can understand its appeal for quick mani fixes! These days you can also get lots of fab peel off basecoats that allow you to easily peel off your manicure when you're ready to remove, love using them for my glitters!

    Love Aysh xox

  4. I remember having wash off nail polish in a little barbie makeup kit when I was 6! Kinda cool to see these things swing by again 20 years later!

    I've recently bought a peel off base coat from New Look but I'm pretty sure it's just pva glue in a nail polish bottle 😉

    Love your posts x

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