Emolyne Cosmetics - Metamorphosis Lips and Nails

Friday 19 June 2020

The last time I did a lipstick swatch blog post was last year and for a similar theme - nudes and reds for all skin/lip tones (by BECCA, blog post here) and because I love the idea of nudes and reds so much, I had to write another blog post featuring this British beauty brand - Emolyne Cosmetics* (*gifted).

I actually was sent this package in May but with the postage delay I received it in June and didn't realise the founder was Ugandan born and the theme of each shade is named after an African country, city or landmark - which I love!
The #BLM movement has really been an eye opener and I thought it would be a perfect time to spotlight this beauty brand on my blog, because quite frankly I love the whole concept and have been super impressed with the quality.

So Emolyne Cosmetics was founded by Emolyne Ramlov who wanted to create a brand that catered to those who were looking for coordinated lip and nail colours.. which I think is genius and genuinely have found it hard to find exact nail and lip matches even within brands sometimes.

Emolyne Cosmetics offer 30 coordinated lipsticks, lip liners and nail polishes with:
15 nude shades 
15 red shades 

As mentioned in my previous lip swatches posts, I've been focusing on lip swatches for the past couple years because my lips are pigmented/darker than some other people's, so I like to show people who have similar lip and skin tones to me what shades could look like (to help them decide which may suit them too).
Of course everyone is free to wear what they like but if you have darker pigmented lips like me then certain nudes just end up looking ashy/pastel, which I'm personally not a fan of on myself.

Read on to see the shades I was sent and the ones I want to try next!


I was sent 4 Metamorphosis kits which includes: the lipstick, lip definer and nail lacquer.

The lipsticks are in bullet form and the packaging as you can see is absolutely stunning.
The pentagon shaped gold lids with sparkly sides have a button at the top that pops the golden lipstick out from the bottom which you twist up as normal.
I've always been attracted to sparkly and ombre things so this packaging literally makes me so visually happy!
The red lipsticks are packaged in rose gold sparkly outer lids and the nudes are an ombre rose gold to gold transition.

Lip definers:
The red lip liners are packaged in black with gold writing, the nudes are packaged in gold with black writing.. both need to be sharpened.

Nail lacquers:
The both red and nude nail polishes are packaged the same; with a clear bottom so you can see the shade properly and a black lid with gold writing (the lid comes off for a secondary lid with the brush attached). 

As mentioned above, the Metamorphosis shades are nude and red shades and there are 30 of them- 15 nudes, 15 reds.
The 4 shades I was sent were:

2 nude:
  • Lira - "cool sand nude"
  • Mozambique - "cool mauve nude"
2 reds:
  • Lagos - "maroon red"
  • Libreville - "true red"
I actually thought the two nudes sent would be too light/cool toned for me but to my delight they weren't!
If you're a fan of MAC Soar lip liner, then Mozambique is pretty close, it has a just a little less warmth/brown undertone to it but still very pretty as you can see from the swatches.
Lira would look great with a dramatic eye.

Lagos is described as a "maroon red" but I always thought maroons were deeper and more browny; I'd describe this as a flattering blue toned red, quite like MAC's Ruby Woo/Cherry lip liner (see comparison swatches with Cherry).
The Libreville lip liner is definitely lighter but also cooler than the lipstick which has a slightly more orange/warmer undertone (but still blue toned enough to be flattering).

The Metamorphosis lipsticks are definitely pigmented and the lip liners are too; both can be worn alone with enough coverage to hide my pigmented lips but I would recommend wearing the lip liner for fuller coverage and colour payoff.
The nail lacquers definitely wowed me as they're very opaque and go on beautifully! The nail swatches pictured are with one (thick) coat.

The formula of the lipsticks are a bit waxy but glide on pretty easy.
The lip definers are a velvety long-wearing formula that don't budge once set and go well with the formula of the lipsticks.
The lipsticks are a semi-matte velvety/waxy formula, with a bit of a balmy feel when lips are pressed together and doesn't feel heavy.
The lip definers have a more drying finish once they're set because of the longwearing formula.
The nail lacquers have a glossy finish.

Sweet/vanilla-y which I love!

Metamorphosis lipsticks: £21 each
Metamorphosis lip definers: £13 each,
Metamorphosis nail lacquers: £11 each.
Metamorphosis kits are £40 (saving £5 compared to if you bought separately).

Available to buy directly from emolyne.com

Overall thoughts
I am genuinely impressed with these products and love the luxe lipstick packaging (and lip liners tbh!).

I find lipsticks like this do work best with longwearing lipliners so I'm glad the formula of both lip definer and lipstick compliment eachother, but you could totally wear either by itself even, check my IGtv swatch video here.

The nail polishes are also very good, I'm no nail expert but I do like painting my nails and rate a nail polish as good quality by how thick the formula is/how many coats needed and this one could even be fine with one coat as you can see in my IG post here.

The lipsticks aren't transfer proof but pretty long lasting, the lip liners however are transfer proof once set, so you could just buy those if you prefer/need something baby proof.

What do you think about matching nails and lips and which shade is your fave?

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