FFF: Glam Republic funky liner makeup look & review

Saturday, 3 March 2012

This weeks FFF is inspired by the Glam Republic appliqué eyeliners.. And the fact I've wanted to do a different/funky eyeliner style for a while now. I decided to keep the emphasis on the eye liner so kept the eyeshadow neutral.

So here's the products used:
> Sleek Au Naturel palette - Nougat, Honeycomb, Toast, Bark, Noir
> UD 24/7 eye pencil in Zero
> UD Ink for Eyes in Zero 
> Bourjois Liner Feutre
> Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet mascara
> UD concealer in NSA
> UD cream to powder concealer - Supernova
> UD Baked Bronzer - Toasted
> Kiko lipstick in 504

Start by applying UDPP followed by Nougat on the inner corner (highlighting area) with a fluffy brush and also on the brow bone. Using a flat brush, apply Honeycomb on the inner corner followed by Bark in the crease and a little bit of Noir too, blending upwards towards the brow bone.
Line the inner eye with UD 24/7 liner in Zero; for the top liner I used the Glam Republic appliqué liner once the eyeshadow was fine, followed by UD Ink for Eyes in Zero to draw the bottom liner, making the line go outside the inner corner. You may need to go over this with a liner brush and Noir eyeshadow to make it darker. Then conceal under the eye, fill in the brows with Bark and Noir (or just one!) and finish with mascara:
For the rest of the face, I kept it pretty neutral; UD Baked bronzer in Toasted on the cheeks & T-zone and Kiko lipstick in 504 (a pink-orange-brown).
I decided to also do the look with the Bourjois Liner Feutre, so I used it for topliner and filled in the bottom too. My only qualm with this liner is that it's slightly shiny.. which I don't like!

Glam Republic appliqué liner review:
Pros: The appliqué liner was pretty simple to use, you just have to fiddle around with it to get it right (which I still don't think I did properly!). They are however reusable, with a bit of lash glue or the water based glue that comes with them.

Cons: My only problem with the liner was that the inner corner kept coming away (like lashes do) so I applied lash glue to the strip and added it on which worked fine. I've been told that warming the strip up on the hand (round a finger) helps the glue stick better, without the need for glue (for the first try). 
All in all though, they're a great concept and you won't need a steady hand for these at all as you do with normal liners! Plus the glittery and velvet finish are solid in colour, so there's no worry of seeing eyeshadow through!
I hope you liked this look, please do let me know if you have any requests as usual, would like to hear from you!


  1. aargh this is so pretty i love it!

    1. thank you my lovely, not as good as you though ;) xx

  2. wow looks great! you are very precise with the eyeliner! well done! x Marina

  3. I am in love this look. I love your brows.
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  4. This is amazing!!
    Really brings out your eyes,


  5. You're so beautiful and this make up looks amazing on you! I love your eyebrows x

  6. This looks amazing! You're so talented! xx

  7. Wow, your lines are impeccable. I love the lipstick

  8. love when i see you've posted a new look. flawless as always!xo

  9. What a gorgeous look! You are so talented x

  10. i absolutely APPROVE of this look lol! it's gorgeous and the liner is brilliant

  11. omggg that is just stunning! you look like kim kardashian here! xx

  12. Very funky look, just like it's name ;)
    I just passed on the 'Versatile blogger award' to you.
    So have a look:

  13. omg this is such an amazingly beautiful look! I love it



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